Good before-bed snacks/ levels?

I was just recently diagnosed so I'm still testing in the middle of the night and trying to figure out some patterns in my levels.  I guess a lot of it depends on your sleep schedule and longacting/ basal rate, but I was curious, have any of you found a number or range that you feel comfortable going to sleep at that normally works for you and gives you good morning levels? Do you not go to sleep until you bring it up to that range? Or is every night its own adventure?

And additionally, what do you like to eat/ how do you raise your levels before bed?

I've only been at this for about a month and haven't found any consistencies really, but lately I've been trying bananas before bed and those seem to work alright.  As for levels, I like to be between like 145 and 170ish

I don't go to sleep if my blood sugar is below 85, but I use a pump.  With shots I wouldn't go to sleep below 100.  Find what works for you.  It's better to be higher than lower because with a middle of the night low you may not wake up until you're really out of it.  Keep glucose tablets or some other sugar by your bed just in case.  I also keep a glucose meter by my bed and test if I wake up in the middle of the night.  

A snack isn't required anymore, but do whatever works and allows you to wake up with blood sugars in a decent range.  The typical advice for diabetics who eat a snack is to have one with a carb and a protein to prevent overnight lows.  Back when I used to eat a bedtime snack I'd have a slice of peanut butter toast or cheese and crackers.

Eat a few crackers before you go to bed if your blood sugar is over 110..Drink about 4-6 oz of orange juice

or grape juice plus toasted bread if your blood sugar is below 110 (never drink too much fruit juices since it spikes up your blood sugar very quickly)..Also, in case if you have an insulin reaction (less than 70) or you feel very hungry/weak in the night, then drink a half bottle of orange or coke soda plus eat a full bowl of high protein sugary cereal. Hope this helps you.

I like for my sugar to be at least 100 before I go to bed. If it is a bit below that (80 or below), I'll have a Yogurt, or  peanut butter crackers, or a small amount of carbs with a slice of cheese. The balance of carbohydrates and protein works best for me and it's not too filling of a snack before bed.

Good luck to you!