Good CGM sensor site covers?

Hey, my wife had me order some Tegaderm patches, like 3 inches by 4 inches, to cover my sensor site.  But they don't seem to be very waterproof, and this morning after showering I had some slightly brownish water in there.


What do others use to waterproof the sensor, as well as keep it from popping out from under the skin?


Is this yet another job for DUCT TAPE?  :)

I love the Duct Tape idea...I am looking for a good patch too...oh and how long can the sensor be in your skin before you have to change it?

I use the IV300 iHand tape.  It works really well for me - even through several showers.  Do you use the IV Prep wipes before putting the sensor on?  (Not on the part of the skin the wire goes into, but the skin surrounding it)?

I use IV3000 that are basically exactly like tegaderm.  I've noticed that they stick better when I use IV prep pads before.  If I use 2 of the IV3000s (side by side overlapping, each covering a little over half the sensor) they tend to stay on longer.


I've had the brown water thing too.  It's just dry blood getting cleaned off.  I usually just replace the cover once I'm out of the shower.

Also, i'm not sure what kind of sensor you have, but mine (minimed) is waterproof...  I don't have to wear the IV3000, but it just makes life a little easier.

I had the IV tape, but it's not very big, so I found myself needing to use two of them at once, and then I had to hope I didn't get them stuck to each other instead of my skin -- that was what inspired the thought of the tegaderm.

My CDE said I can run the same sensor site through two three-day cycles, telling the pump it's just a brand new sensor after day 3.  However, I haven't lasted that long through a second cycle without the spot getting itchy.  Which is weird, because I always run my infusion site for the pump for the full 4.5 days that the reservoir lasts.  So I'm not supposed to do THAT more than 3 days, but it's hardly ever an issue.....but the one where they say it's okay to, I can't endure it!

And I don't use the IV prep.  Wipes like that (or alcohol wipes, when I was using needles) just seem more of a waste of money than the perceived benefit.


I have a dexcom and it says you are not supposed to cover the sensor itself with anything, and is waterproof of course. I use tegaderms, but  I cut 2 in halves and then tape over and overlap the sticky from the site. Never had a problem with water causing it to come unstuck. There is IV prep you can use to help if you are having sticking problems.

I use IV3000 for the cover. I used to use the IV3000 prep pads, but I've found that everything sticks to my skin better without them. I must have sticky skin!

I too use the IV 3000... I had a rash problem at first, but Richard Vaughn suggested Skin Prep wipe before putting on and that worked for me.  Duct tape would be much cheaper.  I wonder how painful it would be when pulling it off?  Oh and thanks to Richard for the suggestion!

Great, where do you buy the preps and the IV 3000 tape?

My daughter is going on a Dexcom in a few weeks.  I know I am CGM ignorant at this point so could someone please explain how you are using the IV3000?  I know what IV3000 is but I'm wondering if you are putting it completely over the entire sensor or just cutting strips to keep the adhesive down?  If you are putting it over the sensor doesn't it stick to it and then you risk pulling it out when you remove the IV3000?


I get my IV3000's from Medtronic and I got the Skin Prep from some online pharmaceutical company I found using Google, but I had to pay them about 6 dollars shipping.  I found out later that Medtronics sells them too and you don't have to pay for shipping.  Their cost is higher but when you add in the shipping cost it actually is lower and they will run it through my insurance.

I am using the Medtronic CGM which is larger than the Dexcom, but yes I apply the IV3000 over the whole thing so that if it gets bumped it wont fall out.  You can carefully peel the IV3000 off without removing the sensor.  You just have to be careful.  The sensor actually has adhesive tape on it too that anchors it down pretty firmly.  the IV3000 is just extra adhesive insurance. 

I actually don't cover my Navigator sensor with anything for "normal" day to day activity.  The sensor tape works great on my skin, and I haven't bumped one off yet.

Now, if I am training or racing I do cover it to protect it if I crash and slide on the specific spot on my body the sensor is mounted to.  I usually always wear it on the back of my arm, and I found the perfect cheap, strong, reusable solution.

Nike Sport Armband for Apple Nano

It works unbelievably well, even contoured to fit the Nav sensor (well iPod nano).

Hi Brian

The tegederm does work. We had a little trouble with it in the beginning. Anyway the trick is to stretch it as you are putting it on and as you

take off the outer paper that covers the tegederm make sure you press down on the edges of the tegederm all around and smooth it out

so as not to get wrinkles that will let water in. That seems to be working for us.

There is stuff called tack on and tack off that you can buy if you think  the patch is not sticking enough. They look like alcohol wipes and they do exactly what the name implies. One is to adhere the tegederm or tape and the other is to help get it off when you have to change the sensor.

We use the tack off  but we haven't had to use the tack on since we learned a better way to put on the tegederm patch.

Take Care