Good Iphone app that also exports numbers well?

I'm looking for an Iphone app that I can log my sugars etc. into. I've tried a couple, but the problem has been in how they export the data. A long list of my blood sugars doesn't help me! I'm looking for an easy one that will let me export in the usually breakfast/after breakfast -- lunch/after lunch etc. spreadsheet style format, like the old paper ones we used to use.  Anyone found one that works well this way? I find I'm using the phone a lot, but then transferring all my numbers to a more endo/ me friendly version later.



Just curious to know how you're liking you Omnipod. I'm seriously considering getting one myself. I currently have an Animas Ping and was rather happy with it, except I'm getting tired of changing out the infusions sets and coping with the tubing, etc. I've heard good things about the Omnipod and would love to see how you like it.

I would also like to hear how you like the Omnipod. I currently have minimed and would love to make the change as well. The freedom of not having to disconnect for anything that involves water would be SO nice! Please do let us know.


i have been on it for two weeks and i love it! i feel alot more free and also less diabetic if that makes sense.


The Track 3 app is the best I've found, but the reports aren't good.

What you'd probably like better is a Gooko cable.  It plugs into your glucose meter and downloads onto your iPhone.  Results can be viewed on your phone or emailed or efaxed to you or your doctor.

There is actually a device made by BG STAR that is a tester that works on your iphone that will track and export in spreadsheet style sold at all Apple stores! I use it myself and love it!

That's cool Ryan!  I knew they existed but never heard from anyone who uses the BG STAR.  What kind of test strips does it use?  How much is the meter attachment?  Did your insurance cover it?

I absolutely love the Glooko., so easy to use. It will export as a pdf or a .csv file for excel. I have been using it to send data directly to my endo every week during my pregnancy and it helps me not feel so overwhelmed by having to write every single thing down all the time.

It works with Bayer, Freestyle, OneTouch, Accuchek and glucocard

I used Glucose Buddy, which allows you to email all BS numbers to anyone. I think you can show reports for one week one month ect and send that in. I usually did some editing before finding that out. It’s a free app, so worth checking out. I’m currently looking for reviews on the iBG Star (meter attachment for the iPhone). That sounds awesome. I just don’t have the time to manually enter my numbers to track & email.

Im just about trialling the iBGStar int he next to weeks so although I dont yet have experience, am happy to let you know how I go..

I have that iBGStar.  I got it free from my doc, as you should be able to do as well.  They make money off the strips, not the meter:)  

Anyways, I only used it about 20 times so far.  Haven't filled an Rx for the test strips yet.  They are proprietary strips, as far as I can tell.  

The meter is very small, which is both weird and nice at the same time.  It has a pretty short battery life, but accepts that weird trapezoidal usb charger.  I used my wireless mouse charger to charge it up at work.  You can use the meter without plugging it into your iPhone every time.  When you download the app, then you can plug the meter in, and it will upload the data.

It has a trend chart, log book that kind of thing.  You can also e-mail the data to yourself.  Not sure the format, as I have yet to actually do this.   The meter has been prretty accurate, compared to my one touch ping meter.  Thats been my experience so far.  Ill keep at it once I get around to filling a Rx for the test strips.  

I started using and Im a fan as well..

Its weird to have a BGL machine so small

Do you take it in and out of your phone all day or leave it in?

For those interested I wrote a full review on my blog but in summary I love the machine. its very good!