Good placement sites for the G6 for heavy workouts

So I got the Dexcom about two weeks ago and I love it. I workout a lot lifting and running/CrossFit I guess you would call it. I already have the skin tac wipes and the the skin guard covers and they have been amazing, I’m thinking of trying my thigh or the back of my arm for my next placement, but I’m curious as to how that would do when doing a lot of running if anyone has experience that would be great I guess I’m worried about the flex and the movement in those areas when really going at it

I found some patches that work great for me, but my exercise is more low key and I don’t sweat as much as I imagine you do. I just wanted to suggest wearing an arm band for a little additional security just in case the heat and sweating do manage to loosen it.

@Tyler11B Hi Tyler, and welcome to the JDRF TypeOneNation Forum! I hope that you find here, and on the JDRF pages [] diabetes information you need, and that you will soon be offering tips to others based on your experience while living with diabetes.

II have only been using the G^ since last December, having used the G5 for a while before that, but I’ve never really had problems with the DexCom sensors on my abdomen during workouts of when doing heavy outside work year-round in high heat and very high Florida humidity. Only one came loose, and that was because of my foolish forgetfulness of laying on my belly on top of a rail while moving a heavy object into alignment.

What I would be concerned about, if you place the sensor on your thigh while running, if the readings might be distorted because of the heavy activity. I’m relating the sensor readings to insulin absorption that I experienced in the past; in days that I injected insulin in my thighs [yes, I injected insulin for 47 years before I changed to a pump] , the insulin worked faster and drove down my BGL on days that I did any running, biking, etc. This may not apply to you, but just be aware when you give your DexCom a go on your thigh.