Good things about diabetes

I am SO sick of people talking about the bad thing about diabetes, so what are some good things?

One of the good things about diabetes is that our whole family started eating more healthy.  I have learned as a  mom of a 9 yr old diabetic son to enjoy each day as it comes.  So many times we get caught up in  all the things we have to do and we forget to enjoy each of our children every day.  Of course I think diabetes is a terrible disease, but it is something we have learned to live with.

I posted something along the lines of this a bit ago, more about would you choose diabetes again and why or why not, but I was pretty surprised to see how many people said 'no.' Okay, I get it 100% that none of us did anything to get diabetes, it can be really, really hard, and we all want to be cured someday, but personally I love having diabetes.
I don't think there are necessarily 'bad' parts so much as there are hard ones. I have learned millions of things about myself living with this, one of the largest and most obvious being that I can endure shots and finger pricks, that I never would have found out.
Looking at it in a one-person case, diabetes has benefited me because it's given me the chance to help. I know people who have diabetes, and I've heard all about it, but I never would have stopped to volunteer for blood work or studies, or even join Juvenation, if I weren't diagnosed. In a nutshell, (sorry for typing so long) I think the absolute best thing I can take away from diabetes is being a stronger, more aware and caring person.
Let's hope you get what I mean, and it's not just a bunch of nonsense. Could be, though.


Well, I agree with Alyssa, I honestly don't mind diabetes. If I had never gotton it before, I probably would be more like "Ew! Diabetes must be awful" like all of my friends are but they have never had it so they really wouldn't know.  I know, a cure would mean the world to me but right now, we don't have one so I figured that out and decided to turn it into a positive thing. How many people without diabetes will say they've known their blood sugar every second of their life for as long as they remember? How many people will be able to say "I am low" just to get a free ice cream or something? How many people will be able to reccomend glucose tablets or say how yummy they are? How many people will know more medical terms then maybe doctors? How many peop,e will say they faught through the 6th leading cause of death in the US? Not many. Usually, with diabetes, you're the only one in your school, family, and/or neighborhood but through other things, you know you aren't alone. I look at diabetes at challenging but not bad or awful. Sure, sometimes, i would like to give it to one of my friends just for a day but I know I can't do that so I just bolus or take 2 glucose tabs and get on with my life. If it weren't for diabetes, sure, we would have more money, I could pig out all I want, a perfect day wouldn't be ruined by a horrible blood sugar, and that kind of stuff. But, if it weren't for diabetes, I would never be able to tell my kids or grand kids, "I faught through diabetes and lived", I never would probably ever have known my blood sugr even once, I never would've gone to diabetes camp and had an amazing time, I never would've walked to cure diabetes, I never would've come here to Juvenation, and most of all, I would've never learned responsibilty and courage that I use everyday. So, diabetes has it's downs but I think the positives are much more rewarding. So, don't let diabetes get you down because you can either hate your life with diabetes or you can love it. Either way, it's always going to be there...

I think a good thing about diabetes is that it sort of makes you grow up. If you are willing to except that you have diabetes, it can give you the power of knowledge and make you a stronger person. If you weren't storng, you wouldn't be able to take your shots. Also as to learn from your diabetes mistakes, such as taking to much/ little of insulin, you grow. You learn to make better decisions for your health.

I agree with Lauren about the entire forcing you to grow up thing. I have been an adult for many years. I think the D helped me grow up faster. Yet I know also how fleeting things can be and because of that I think my quirkiness developed. I have met many people here who I know I can help and if nothing else crack up from time to time. Not to mention somehow I think the D influenced some of my vocation and life choices and I wonder if I would be where I was now if I did not have the concerns I did when I was first truly diagnosed.

I guess one of the good things about diabetes is that we leave more carbohydrate foods behind in the supermarket for other people to buy.

well let me list some things

  1. it makes you be the mature one your friends look up to for helo
  2. it gives you an excuse to leave class during a boring lesson
  3. It makes you second guess before doing something harmful to your immune system
  4. it makes you more careful to preven injuries
  5. I cant think of a 5th one at the moment but Im sure there is one.

hope this gives you a better view of your diabetes, haha, Alyssa used to my never ending tireless optimistic view on most things :P

I like number 1 and 2. Number 5 could be it makes you think about all the choices you make, i.e. drinking, drugs, etc.

One really good thing that has come out of being a diabetic honestly would have to be it really helped me mature and it showed me how to act my age and take care of my self the way i needed to.   

I'd have to say one of the best things is that nobody can steal my food anymore =]

We enjoy the sweets when we do eat them and do not take them for granted.

The best thing form diabetes is probably the best thing that has ever happend to me ever. about a year after i had diabetes i started going to diabetes camp. it was the best experiance of my life. i've made soooooooo many friends there it is my favorite place on earth!!!!!!! i want to be a concelor there when im lod enough. if it weren't for diabetes i would have never met some of my best friends! if you dont go to a diabetes camp go! i'm actually happy i got diabetes now!!!!!! CAMP NEJEDA<3333333333333333333333

i went to camp nejeda like a million years ago!  and although i live in virginia now, i work with a guy who is older than me and he went to nejeda as a kid too!  yay diabetes camp!!!

i agree with lauren. it does make you grow up and take resposisbility for yourself.

another good thing is that you learn how to multiply by 15 and almost any other number under the sun.5...10....15...20...25... yada yada ya...


Never went to camp, but my friend Doug swears by it and I believe he was a counselor at Nejeda this summer.

i go to a camp in iowa called camp hertko hollow.

Well, I've definitely met a lot of awesome people because of diabetes, from camp and Juvenation :D  But because I have diabetes I feel obligated to help people far worse off.  I'm much more aware of how lucky I am and I try not to take things for granted, although I can't say that I do with my doctors and modern technology.  I've also learned to cherish simple moments, like a good blood sugar reading.  And of course my family and I are much more health conscious :)

camp camp camp camp camp<3 all i have to say(:

okay, that's a lie, ahaha i also appreciate the fact that i kind of had maturity forced on me as a kid, but i think that really helped me grow up. also, i love how rewarding it is when you have a reaaally good a1c etc, you know?

but i have met the most amazing people because of this disease<3

and yes, i did use a heart and disease in the same phrase ahhaha

1. I don't count calories, I count carbs.

2. In Nursing school, I got a 100% on every diabetes related test, quiz, or homework assignment.

3. I already knew how to take care of over half the patients I take care of every day.  (I can do a BG, draw up insulin, and give shots).

4. I can take my "cell phone" everywhere!  (yay minimed!)

5. I'm more aware of my overall health than the general person my age (eyes, feet, blood pressure, cholesterol, weight, etc)

6. Diet drinks and low carb foods are "popular" now.

7. People donate millions of dollars each year to help...ME!

8. One less thing to worry about when I'm older, I know how to do it already now!

9. I'm really quick at eating and drinking and can win contests with men twice my size!

10. I've always carried a purse, well stocked with anything you could need.

11. I actually like fruits and veggies.

12. Cool jewelry.

13. I'm relatively quick with new electronics after all those different pumps.

14. I'm not scared of needles.

15. I've always had clean socks and shoes, cuz i gotta protect my feet.

16. I have a reason to have a little meat on me.  I gotta have somewhere to stick the pump sites!

17. And as already mentioned, all the people I've met because of this "blessing in disguise."  We are the sum of all our life experiences, and I wouldn't be who I am or meet who I've met if diabetes wasn't a part of my life.