Good things about diabetes

If I had never gotton diabetes, I would never had taken 1 step back and looked at lyf and all I had taken for granted.

haha. people STILL steal my food. I've noticed I've become a lot more obsessive about food, but It does help when I'm eating something not so healthy and my dad or boyfriend (the ones who typically steal from my plate) take the fries or the rest of my burger. I just have to be more concious of how much I'm eating myself.

Other good things:

1. I feel really smart when someone asks me about it

2. I will be able to serve my future students better, Especially those with T1

3. I have learned how strong I really am. God gave me this for a reason and its because I can handle it. Most people in my life wouldn't be able to put up with all we have to deal with! :-P

4. I am over all healthier for it. I am more concious about what I'm putting in my body (even though I eat a lot of crud still...I also eat a lot better since my diagnosis in '04)

5. I know my boyfriend must really love me if he can put up with all of my blod sugar mood swings.