Good things about diabetes

I am SO sick of people talking about the bad thing about diabetes, so what are some good things?

Hi Billy,

For me, Diabetes has been a blessing in a way. When I got diagnosed, I was 32 years old, completely sedentary, overweight and smoking. Today I'm reasonably fit, quitted smoking the day I was diagnosed and exersice regularly, so I could probably say that I'm healthier now than I was before being diagnosed.



Yea, for me... i dont know but i do know i am alot more aware of things and i hate to say it, but before i was diagnosed, i used to be kinda... well i dont know i just had mixed emotions about diabetics and know i realize were the same people, theres no diferences, diabetics just need insulin externally because they dont get it internally.

Other than making me live a more healthy life, its (in a way) shown me who my real friends are and who really care for me because the people who actually care about me will make sure they check on me and make sure im okay, stuff life that, but the people who only use me would do stuff like tell me "I dont need to run you to your house to get your insulin, youll be fine if you dont take it for a day or so" That may be so, But would that really be a smart choice?

I eat a lot healthier and I am much more aware of all the choices I make. I've also met some great people because of diabetes.