Got A Pet :)

My teens pet cat died yesterday.He was hit by a car.She was upset of course.But what  does she do to feel better ??? Buys a farret-if that is how to say or spell it. We still have another cat and dog too..What kind of pets live at your house ? :)

Aw sorry to hear about the cat. Ferrets are awesome! My cousin has 3 of em. Pets at my house. Well at my dads-2 dogs, 2 horses (now) (Got rid of one yesterday) and a cat.
Mom's-2 dogs (getting rid off one this week ), 3 cats, 1 horse

Watch out for that ferret! They like to steal things and hide them in their cage!

When I was a kid/teen I had up to 13 cats at any given time, I raised them and trained them, and my room(s) had cages of rodents wall-to-wall (hamsters, mice, gerbils, rats, guinea pig, rabbit, ferret.) I also had 2 iguanas. I think that's all.

Now I have one dog.

I looooove animals!! I have three dogs and two cats of my home, and my baby kitty at my apartment at school with me! I am planning on getting my mom a cat for her birthday in April =)

Sorry to hear about your cat :(  It's difficult to lose pets because they're like an extension of your family. 

I have two dogs right now, but we used to have two gerbils, a different dog, a rabbit, a lot of fish, a guppy, five frogs...I think that's it, lol.

i only ever had my one doggy. she was pretty much the greatest pet to ever live (i'm completely biased of course). she passed away in october and, sometimes, i still feel sad about it. i miss my cuddlebuddy.

Sorry to hear about the cat :( Ferrets have quite funny personalities though, and are very playful. I knew one that stole socks and liked to try and climb up pant legs haha I have a miniature dachshund and a dachshund/english bulldog puppy (don't ask) at home. Both are so lovable and they give me plenty of exercise trying to keep up with them!

Sorry to hear about your cat my other cat I had was hit by a car in 2003 his name was patches I have a cat now named freeloader so i DO KNOW WHAT IT LIKE to loose a pet it not easy but it will get better over time have fun with your new farret I hear they make great pets

I have 2 birds, 11 cats, 4 dogs, 4 goats, 4 horses, and a steer lol we have so many feed bills!! :P but they are totally worth it! The birds are annoying and are really old though, and all my cats are barn cats to keep the mice away. The dogs, only 2 are really mine but the neghibrs 2 dogs are always at my house lol and the goats steer and horses pretty much explain themselves! :)

I have a six toed cat, who's huge bigger than most and still a kitten.LOL

Yes we have animals. We got three dogs a (Saint Bernard Sunni, a Cocker Spaniel Angel, and another Cocker Spaniel Lugz). We also have a rescue cat and are thinking of getting another after our old neighbor ran over one of our old cats when he was in our yard.

We have 1 cat and 1 dog.

I know how that feels when my dog of 18 years died I was consumed with trying to fill the void that left.  I would go on Petfinder for Hours every day looking for a dog to adopt.  Although I wasn't able to find a dog through that I eventually found my pug- Lola.

It's awesome to hear that people have so many pets.

Good luck with the new edition. :)

Oh meme, I'm so sorry to hear about you cat. I to know the pain of losing someone so close to you. I lose my long time friend when I was 18, my dog named tippy (i don't know who named him) and it took me a while to move on but he is always in my memories. Now I have a new baby my dog Isabella and she is my life and of course my sourse of exerice and play and she can almost always make me smile when I need it. We are looking into rescuing another dog but haven't found the right one for our family yet. Things will get better for you and your teen, it takes time.

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Sorry to hear about your cat.  I was devestated when my childhood cat passed away (got him when I was 7, he passed away when I was 24).  I recently adopted a kitten.  I got attached to her very quickly!  She likes to get into EVERYTHING (she's pictured in my avatar, sitting on my JDRF quilt).  Pets are such wonderful companions! 

Thank you all,  I can never remember a time in my life without a pet of some sort around.My children grew up the same way-we cry when they pass away and next thing you know we have a new one.No pet can replace the one that died but it does help to know we are giving a new pet a good home :)

I have a turtle.

even though she's gone, i still think my doggy is the cutest thing on earth. i might be biased.



C - she's adorable!  Looks like such a little sweetheart.

i pretty much agree :o)