Got my animas ping!

I am officially (as of 11:AM MST) hooked to my brand new Animas One Touch Ping!! AND I LOVE IT!!!!!! Of course I am dealing with the transition between Lantus and now strictly NovoRapid but I will get over that hump soon (I hope) and be on my way to a more controlled and AMAZING life with diabetes (haha)

It's green.. and I need a name for it! 

Besides that, the meter function is SO cool!! I won't even need to pull it out EVER when I want to bolus and GOODBYE injections!! I WILL NOT MISS YOU!

Just wanted to share my overwhelming excitement with all my T1 friends!!!

AKA - Happy Pumper!!!

Mine's green too. I love it. (=

Woo Hoo!!! I am so happy for you Andree! Love the pictures. I can't wait to see how you like it after a few days. Let me know what you pick for a name :)

Oh, I just noticed your new signature! I like it :)

Congrats! Getting the pump is super exciting!



YEAH! I am so happy :D you can tell by the photos lol

Thought up a name yet?



Congratulations, "Happy Pumper"!  I know you've been waiting a long time for this!  Oh, and it's difficult to tell in your photos:  Are you really happy or just faking it?  LOL

Aww Andree you are so cute:)!  I can't wait to be your pump buddy on Monday!

     That's great!!! I would've chosen the green one, too.  When I went from injections to my pump the first few days were a bit of a difficult transition.  The lows were a pain to deal with.  Sometimes the Lantus doesn't fully leave your system as quickly as you think it will.  But, since then, it's been pretty much smooth sailing.  Best of luck.

haha i love the pictures! you basically look like oyu just won the lottery

my pump is coming thursday but it isnt green.. if i got a ping i would get green!

Yay! That's so exciting! I'm happy for you! I'm excited to possibly get mine sometime in November if things go well.

Have you come up with a name yet? ^___^

yayy!! I just started with my pink ping two weeks ago =) its name is Kaiser Permanente, even though its pink it kind of has a boy name hahah oh well. enjoy your new ping! despite a few problems with insets, it has been awesome so far. I'm sure you will love it =)