Got my pump Yesterday ! :)

I'm still getting used to it but i like it alot !! :) i think its going to help me just in the last two days i have noticed my blood sugars have been really good :)

Great news! It is so much help and you have a little more freedom, which is so nice. Being on injections is limiting...cant have that because I took my insulin an hour ago.....or have it and your sugar goes sky high....or Ive known people to just medicate themselves, not knowing if its the correct amount.

What pump did u get? My husband and son are both on pumps, Paradigm. They love it and I do too!

Good luck

I got the Animus One Touch Ping the green one :) i like it . Yeah i went to two partys today and had so much food and it was so much easier just to take it right there and not have to go to the bathroom or anything to have to take my insulin. (:

congrats! The most troubles with the pump come when you're getting use to it, but it seems you're doing well :)

Yeah i am getting used to it . My blood sugars havent been that high (: i like it so much better then taking like 5 6 shots a day, just put it in and your ready to go (:

yay! i agree that it's wonderful! 

i also have a green one touch!

ya i recently got mine too & love it its sooo much easier!

It is so much easier . I love it :)


Hopefully I'll be getting a green Ping early next month! Congrats!

Nice :) i think you will like it .

I got my pump a week ago I love it!!!!

I love mine too ! Happy for you :)