Gotta brag a little

I just wanted to share with everyone that i have been trying really hard for the past week  or so and my bloodsugars have been pretty good! I got a seven day average of 126 and 14 day average of 138. Im really excited! My goal for my next a1c is 7. If i keep this up i may can reach it!

That's wonderful!  :)  Keep up the good work!

great job, stephanie! that takes a lot of hard work. way to go!

Great job Stephanie!  That is awesome!  Keep it going!

Go Stephanie, go!

Nice Job! It's so rewarding to get good results because it takes so much hard work. I'm sure you can keep it up! Good luck!

Thanks so much everyone! I just faxed my numbers to my endo so im waiting to hear what he has to say about it.


Keep up the great work!

That is awsome!

Here here! 

Congratulations lady!  Keep it up!

Heck, if you can keep that up, you might be close to a 6!  Way to go!