Grand Mal seizures from hypoglycemia

Has anyone ever gone to the ER for treatment of a Grand Mal seizure from hypoglycemia? We did and the ER doctor had never heard of this before. Has anyone else ever heard of an ER physician never hearing of a grand mal seizure occuring from this type of low blood sugar?

My son used to have seizures when he had lows.  Including a few emergency room visits.  So you are not alone.

Growing up I had quite a few seizures from  hypos. One time my parents took me to the local ER and the doctor didn't know how to treat me so he just stood there. Finally another doctor had come in the room and instructed the "clueless" doctor on what he needed to be doing. My parents were furious, they complained to the hospital about this doctor's actions (or lack there of) after the fact. In the meantime they demanded I be transfered to Children's Hospital for further care.

It has been since 2001, when I 2 seizures back to back (2 days in a row) that I've had one.      : )

They used to treat schizophrenia with huge doses of insulin...that lead to seizures and insulin coma. I'm really surprised a doctor hadn't encountered this through learning about diabetes or medical history.