i have a string of grapes that i wanna munch on before lunch/after pretty much throughout the day. normally i have some with lunch, so i just include it with my lunch carbs...but i'm not sure what to do if i'm gonna be eating them throughout the day.

btw, no i don't have a pump.


think i should just take a few units now and a few units later in the day? or just eat them and correct when i go to eat lunch in hour and a half?

I would vote for the little bit now, little bit later approach... that should help you not spike as high as waiting would.

i couldn't wait any longer to eat(havent eaten yet today) lol so i just took a few units now. :) we'll see what happens!

I wish you luck!  :)

i do things like this all the time, i munch on random things a lot... i just kind of give myself a unit here a unit there... like if i ate a handful of grapes now i would give 1 or 2 units (depending on how big the handful) yeah the little now little later approach is what i use lol... hope everything worked out :)

I would go with the now and later approach. Count what you will be eating now but don't try to over calculate as you might change your mind. Than at lunch add any extra you have eaten since that time and what you will be eating at that point. It is a PITA, but hey it's life. Or just eat and adjust after you are done with all the grapes.