Graphic design help for walk t-shirt?

Ok Graphic Design buddies, can any one help me with the logo we are trying to create for our Walk Team?  Our team name is Emily's Cure Crew (ECC) and we were thinking something cool like a syringe with ECC as the graduations on the syringe.  I did a sample in "paint"  but I can't get it to attach here.  Mabe it is better that way because it was pretty lame.  I was thinking something flowing like the Orange County Choppers logo but with a syringe.

The t-shirt guy we are using is not getting what we are going for so I am reaching out for help here!  Any thoughts?  Thanks in advance for any help!

-Meg (Emmies mom, diagnosed 10/29/09 at age 4)


Here's a quicky. Have you tried GIMP, it's a free program like photoshop.

Here's a funny one. LOL