Great Device to Figure Your 'Recipe Carbs/Calories'!

I have found a great device to help figure the carbs/calories in your favorite recipes!  My son loves a 'pumpkin bread' recipe that we fix during the holidays and I never knew how to figure the carbs...and I knew they were alot!  The 'Track3' is an Electronic Carb Counter that will allow you to enter all the ingredients in a recipe and then it will 'calculate' the nutritional amounts for you!!  You have to put in how many 'servings' for the entire receipe when you enter it... and then when you eat it you put in how many servings you eat at that time!  It is a fast and easy way to figure out recipes....and then you can save it for 'future reference' in your "Track3".  For more information on this device go to:

This website has been set up to 'help' and 'give back' by donating a portion of the proceeds to JDRF and other Diabetes Charities!  Hope you find it as helpful as I have!

Thanks Dar! Since I cook everything from scratch for my family, I've always guessed at carbs for most things. This will be great for my recipes!

Hi Landlileigh…Wow you sure are great to cook everything from scratch…wish I did! The Track3 is so helpful with figuring recipes…so we don’t have to guess.!!! Just make sure you put in the ‘total servings’ for the recipe when entering the ingredients…and then when you actually log the food when you eat it enter the ‘exact serving’ at that time! Glad to share with others anything that will ‘simplify’ the carb counting of managing diabetes…good luck! Dar

Landleigh, when are you going to invite Dar and me to your place to enjoy a home-cooked meal???  Ha, ha!  LOL

and me too!

y'all are invited over anytime. dinner is at 7pm sharp!

Dar - do you work for this company?  I just joined the list a week or so ago but noticed that both threads you have started are recommending products.  Don't take this the wrong way - just curious, and kind of feel you should put that disclaimer in each time you recommend a product, if so.


I can't make it tonight Landileigh, but maybe on the weekend......  (I'm glad you saw the humour in that post!)

also, you should google dietitians of canada(or something like that). with the website it comes up with, there is a nutrition calculator. it tells you fat, protein, carbs, fiber.... you enter the ingredients and the mesurement. thing is, they dont have splenda and that stuff.

Looks pretty snazzy. Would sure give my poor brain a rest!

Luke ~ It sure has given my 'old brain' a rest.  Just using the Track3 on a daily basis saves me so much time and is convenient and easy to use.  The manufacturer is also working on a "iPhone App" for the Track3 to be available by mid-May!  Hopefully an App for Blackberry will be available as well.