Great Dinner idea- low carb count

I came across this reciepe while browsing my new found love-site : pinterest! Not even thinking about the carb amount, I decided to go ahead and try it out... just sounded amazing yummy! I mean chicken, bacon and cream cheese.. whats not to love?! My son, T1D - 2 yrs old, LOVED it! Of course I did not give him a whole serving but only ended up with 12 carbs in the amount I did give him. **Also, I didn't do any sides with it tonight as it was just my son and I for dinner-hubby was at work late.** I just wanted to share with everyone in case you were looking for something amazing to eat with a lower carb count!!

Kaytucky Chicken:

**I substituded the spring onion for 1/4 regular onion and sauted them. Added minced garlic and a sprinkle of Mrs. Dash rather than using the parsley. Still tasted awesome!! **

I hope that if you decide to try it, you like it as much as we did!!