Great Escapes

So obviously, everyone needs a break from diabetes at some point. And even though that can't literally mean no-diabetes for a day, I've read on the forums how some people get their breaks regardless.
I'm interested in hearing: What are everyone else’s great escapes from diabetes?
I’ll post mine in a bit – gotta clean

Okay, as promised, here are my two main great escapes:

1.) When diabetes gets really overwhelming and tough to handle, my family has always stepped in. When I was on injections, we had a day were it was "hands off" for me and my family took care of all the carbs and shots. Of course there were finger pricks, but its a nice change of pace not to have to worry about it for a bit.

2.) I especially like to simply focus on something else. For example, when I got home from the Hospital after first being diagnosed with type 1 diabetes, my family was pretty bummed out. Go figure. It was October, but all the stores had already put out their Christmas displays. We had an avocado plant at the time; we bought small presents for everyone, garland that looked like an evergreen tree (if you know what I mean), and dug out our Christmas tree ornaments. We wrapped the gifts and dressed up the avocado plant to be a mini-Christmas tree. It was pretty cute, and a great relief from diabetes. It was good to refocus our attention on our family and the good, and come to the realization that diabetes is merely a side track, not a block.
Another thing we've done to get our mind of diabetes is go to Disneyland. I'm so into that stuff - the whole dreams and Disney "magic" stuff. I think part of it is because I am diabetic, that I like to hold onto the idea that anything is possible, which I relate back to a cure. I also like that when you walk into the Disney parks, diabetes isn't your focus anymore. My friends think I'm pretty strange, I guess, to still like Disney so much. But I think it's a diabetes thing, which they won't understand. But, hey, who doesn't like Disney, anyway??

My greatest escape, is like most in my tiny town in Washington: I'm an artist.

I mostly do emotional-sketching. I don't have any on a site right now, but hey.

I love music and art and my dogs.


I don't think I would have been able to live my life without it.

i write stories, or lyrics for songs, or even sing some random songs.

Just within the last month researchers have found a way to genetically convert non-insulin producing pancreas cells into insulin producing cells in diabetic mice. And other researchers are developing the artificial pancreas, which one teenager in a clinical trial described as a “vacation from diabetes.”

Sept 2008


How nice of a vacation would THAT be?  I'm really jealous I didn't get to participate in that clinical trial.