Great Recipes

If you are looking for good recipes check out Diabetic Living from Better Homes & Gardens, they send out weekly emails with great recipes!

I will,thanks Heidi

Heidi - I just picked up the mag last week.  Great resources for new dishes.   Unfortunately, my guy is SUCH a fussy eater...still on the hunt for new, creative and within carb limits that everyone will enjoy!   Thanks for all the receipe postings - YUMMY!!

pizza-Does anyone know how to make a really good one from home ? there is no way to get around it,everyone likes Pizza.I know it is not great to eat.Can it be made in a way that is better on the carbs ?


What my family does sometimes as an alternative of real pizza is we use tortillas instead of dough. We just make our own tomato sauce, spread it over the tortillas, and top with regular pizza toppings- cheese, pepperoni, olives, onions, ect...- then we bake them at 400 degrees for about 10 minutes.

They're nice because they are individual sized, taste great, and don't throw blood sugars out of whack like regular pizza. (=



Thanks so much Sarah,I have never thought to make a pizza using Tortillas.I will try this-very soon !

meme I know at Wal-Mart they have Lavash and this round bread that is like tortillas but very low carb.  I have used both to make pizzas for my son who absolutely loves pizza.