Great study going on at Sanford (SFSD)

I am part of a 2 yr study at Sanford/USD Research, in Sioux Falls SD.  They have had great results in lab mice in which they have put human pancreatic tissue into and used two drugs which resulted in beta cells forming!!  So they have moved on to human testing for ages 11-45 and newly diagnosed.  I am the only one over 14 they have found, obviously still pretty rare to be diagnosed at 32 like me.  Anyway just wanted to let everybody know it sounds hopeful, of course starting with new diagnosis because we are more likely to have some beta cells still working but if this goes well it will be something anybody can try! The drugs are one that is commonly used for T2 and the other is prevacid, so it isn't anything too risky to want to give a try.  I am very lucky to live in this area and be able to participate, I hope it helps!!