Green Tea and Aspartame

My doctor told me that I had to completely cut out green tea and diet soft drinks b/c of the pregnancy. I've gone to the babycenter website and it says that i only need to cut down. I want to know if I can have a bit of the green tea and/or diet soft drink or I can't have any at all?

From what I gathered from a science based source,  based on experimental animal studies, the use of aspartame during pregnancy is not expected to increase the risk of congenital anomalies. One study in rats showed an increased incidence of cancer in rats who were exposed to very high doses of aspartame both prenatally and after birth. Theoretical concerns have been raised about the use of aspartame by pregnant women and young children. Phenylalanine is one part of what makes up aspartame, and there is a genetic disorder in which the body cannot process and eliminate phenylalanine properly. For these women, there is an increased risk for adverse effects on their offspring.

I read the same thing as you at babycenter regarding green tea. I don't think it should be a problem in moderation. I think the concern with consuming herbal teas during pregnancy is the lack of data available on most herbs and their effects on a developing fetus. I don't think regular green tea is considered herbal.

I am 32 weeks pregnant and have consumed some green tea and some drinks with aspartame. Everything seems to be going well so far. I agree with the approach cutting down (which I think especially for diet products is a good thing in general, even if you are not pregnant)... however having these products once in a while is not going to significantly impact my developing baby. I probably have diet drinks once or twice a week at most, sometimes go a week or two without any. I'm not a huge tea person, so have only had green tea on occasion.

Good luck!!