Disregard. I will just try and see my numbers.

Hi Cathy! @HopeFloats2020 I do count the carbs in my greens. Typically, it is no more than 10g, but it is enough to need insulin. The articles you read probably contradict this because they are focusing on the fiber content of the veggies. This slows the rise in blood sugar, but doesn’t eliminate it. You should still add the veggies to your carb count.

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Thanks @homeschoolingmomof5. I do currently count net carbs and I certainly don’t eat that much greens in one meal to add up to 10.

I’ll agree with Courtney’s @homeschoolingmomof5 thought here, but probably count my carbs a little lower than she.

I look at the whole plate - we usually have an assortment of veggies - and “depending” often add something between 5 and 10 grams to my added-up total for the pasta or potato, orange vegetables, sauces, etc. Because of my wife’s “healthy diet” attempts, she will often toss in a couple of good size handfuls of gree spinach to meals - especially pasta after draining and while adding her healthy oils, spices, cheese, and other good stuff; the residual heat of the pasta cooks the spinach just perfectly for my taste. Amazing how this pandemic has changed her kitchen to gourmet.

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Now I want me some pasta!