Greetings fellow T1&2D comrades!

Nice to find this forum!

Been a T1D for almost 40 years.  No sign of problems, so, so far so good!

Also have Celiac,... lucky me, and I am a HUGE bread fan.  I don't eat much Gluten Free produced foods, as I don't care for all the additives.  Tried an almost vegan diet (couldn't give up cheese), but that made for a month long cleanse.  I have to admit I felt really good on that diet, but just got SOOOO tired of vegetables only and felt hungry most of the time.

I live in Colorado and volunteer at the Rocky Mountain chapter of JDRF doing mentoring work.

I like being active and tennis and cycling are my major exercise activities.

See you all around the forum!



Hi Eric,

Welcome!!! Nice to have you here! Hope you like the site so far!  If you have any questions please let me know!

Welcome Eric! Wow 40 years with T1D! That's impressive to say the least. What type of management do you use? Pump? CGM?

As a bread-lover myself I sympathize with you! Not only on the celiac side but also on the "bread raises my blood sugar like a speeding rocket" side =) This past year I have been doing a whole lot more brown rice than pasta and bread and it seems to be a little easier to control.  May be the extra fiber helps slow it down.

Kudos on your involvement with your local JDRF chapter as well. The community needs more folks like you.

Thanks for all you do!

All the best


hello Eric,  welcome!  It's always nice to see a veteran join the forum!

Are you vegetarian?  If not, the best friend of a person with diabetes and eating gluten-free is meat.  Adds so much variety and nutrition to your meals.  

You can still do rice and corn products.  There are tons of Celiac friendly cookbooks, see what you can find.  

And you probably know this already, but one product that often has wheat products in them are seasonings.  Just read labels and you'll be okay.

That's cool that you live in CO.  I grew up in Ft. Collins and went to school in Durango.  Lived in Denver a few years too once I got out of school.  


sorry, after reading Jenna's post, I had the urge to yell that. :)

I'm also t1 and celiac. I don't use the site as often as I used to, but I can honestly tell you I have met some of my best friends through here. I can't imagine where my life would be if I never joined back in 2008. :)

C!  It's like spotting a celebrity!  And not just because you agree with my advice to eat a steak. =)