Grrr arggg roarrrr

I just need to vent, i had ketones yesterday it was HORRIBLE, i got them at 13, which i guess is a godo thing in the past i wouldnt ever CHECK for ketones nor feel sick when i was at 30. But yesterday was SO frustrating, i kept giving more and more insulin, nothing, didnt work at all it was almost like i was immune to it.

i am definitely having one of those I HATE MY DIABETES weeks!! and just wanna give up. and also a WHY MEEEE kind of week as well.

lol thank god its only two more days till this week is overrrr!

Everyone has those. Just gotta roll with it. Think that, hard as it may be to believe, people have it a lot worse out there.

And then think of something funny. Like when you farted in the elevator and then someone got on and you had no one to blame it on...

i know youre right adn i know, i mean i could have something i couldnt control for the most part

but i feel like a pity me tara day lol


LOL.. cant say i did that.. but i think someones done that to me.. ew lol

I won't pity you because you're as bad off as I am with the 'betes. But I will commiserate and listen if that helps :)

At least you aren't this guy

aahaaaaaaaaaaa the park and ride sign made me giggle

Dude I can relate.  I had a shitty diabetes day yesterday too.  There's a foot of snow outside and I have to go to work despite that and my sugars have sucked all day.

Go ahead and mope.  You're allowed to.  And it's needed every once in a while to keep ourselves sane.

But get your head up tomorrow and get those numbers back in line and move on.  Shit happens.  Don't succumb.  We're stronger than this disease.


Just keep your chin up hun, I know that those days can be so very frustrating, its such an emotional thing and when our bodies dont do what they are supposed to or react the way the doctors say it gets so maddening. Just know that we are a little family on here and you can always vent and talk about it :)

Try going for a little walk or somekind of physical activity if you can find a few spare minutes in your day, I have found that usually will bring my sugars down, also drinking a lot of water I have found keeps ketones from happening, just flush everything out, you may have to pee a lot but at least there wont be ketones.

Hope this helps!

Hugs! Mariah :)

hah apat you are hilarious thanks guys, my sugars are STILL being crappy but i also have a cold im thinking thats part of the problem!

I'm sorry you are having a hard time. I hope your sugars behave themselves soon!  


Yeah, the cold's probably not helping :(  But at least once the cold goes away your blood sugars should get better...Don't blame yourself!

@:>)   *_*    !^_^!   (-:   :-)  =D   <---- Smiley faces...haha.