Grrrr....endo issues

So ive been haveing issues with my sugars despite being careful and i landed in the emergency for high sugars a couple weeks back and got told to call my endo and make an appointment with him rite away. I called to make an apointment  with him but got told even though its a serious issue i would have to wait for 6months to see him unless i got refured back to him and then he will decide when HE wants to see me. Ive made an appointment to see my regular doctor but since i did that ive almost gone into a coma 3 times because of lows (luckaly my bf was home and didnt stop trying to wake me up and got me sugar water)  and im constantly haveing high sugars despite regulating my food intake more. Has anyone else been denied to see there endo without being refured again to see there endo? Im in canada so it may be diffrent but im not sure.....I already have issues with seeing doctors or going to the hospital so this isnt helping my trust in our system. Ive gone to a hospital with high sugars and they have done nothing about it despite me saying ive been high more times then not.

Yes i explained the situation to my endos secritary includint the fact ide been to the hopsital and was told to call and see him.

SO sorry you are dealing with this.  We see our endo every three months - no matter if we are having issues of I can not imagine waiting 6 months with a referral. And when we had a second autoimmune diagnosis we got in right away!  Maybe time to get a new endo? 

I can't remember but do you have Miller or Philips? I have never been denied an appointment like that before, that isn't right at all! If you're with Miller, try seeing if Dr. Philips has an appointment in the next week or so. When I've had problems (though no where as serious as yours), they've always been able to fit me in pretty quick to see Philips. The oldest receptionist there is a bit of a bitch (at least she's like that to me, you've probably met her since M and P share the same office) so I usually get my mom to call in which helps getting an appointment quickly(she seems to only hate young people haha).

Also, have you tried contacting the D clinic at the Jubilee? I would give them a call, explain what's going on and about being in the hospital and see about getting an appointment, the nurses there can also help you make adjustments and figure out what's going on. If Jim is available, I recommend meeting with him.

Batts ihave Dr.Moldivianu (not sure is i spelt that rite) his receptionist is a b@#$%  and has been since day one. Im gonna ask my doctor about switching cuz i cant stand this and i totaly forgot about the D clinic at jubilee ill deffinatly call them this week and make a couple other calls around. My mom is upset about this cuz she almost got a call shes afraid to ever get.

I've never heard of him, but I would recommend asking your family doc for a referral to Philips or Miller. Miller and Philips are the two top endo's in all of BC, so you should def get an improvement. 

I'm sure he'll refer you if you tell him that your current endo is ignoring you, even when you've gone to the hospital, tried to see him and are desperate for some help he's not willing to give. Rather than asking though, I would tell him you need a referral. Don't give him the option to say no haha.

Hopefully you can get an appointment asap after he sends the referral, but if not for the meantime the D clinic will totally help you and could probably help you too if you have trouble getting a referral.

If he won't give you a referral and they can't help you, I think you can get them from any walk-in clinic so I would go to the clinic at Shelbourne x North Dairy (I have had the best experience with their doctors) and explain the situation.

Do you use an insulin pump Daniella?  After I'd had D for 25 years I started having bad highs and lows.  It didn't seem to matter what I did to adjust food and insulin doses... shots just weren't helping me anymore.

I've used a pump that last 8 years and it's been lifechanging.  No more scary middle of the night lows.  No crazy highs.  Consider getting a pump.  And good luck getting a better endo.

@Batts:  My mom has also said to see about seeing miller becuase shes worked with him and says hes wonderful so ill ask my doctor for a refural to him and if she says no im going to see the D-clinic hopefuly soon.

@jennagrant: No im not on a pump yet im hopeing to get on one soon just need to see an endo first to see about a couple things.

I am sorry to hear that. All I can say is that in the US, we would just fire the endo and get another one, but as you said, its a different system. It's clear that you need to do something to get your sugars under control. Are you on injections or a pump? Either way, your basal insulin/ long acting insulin is probably too high if your getting frequent lows out of the blue. And your bolus to carb ratio may be too low if your taking insulin after you eat and your blood sugar is too high. You need your doctor/support team to help you figure those rates and ratios (not so much after years of diabetes, but it never hurts).

Your primary care may not know anything about diabetes because most of them don't deal with it other than diagnosing it and sending you to an endo (which is what they are supposed to do), but at least complain to him as much as you can. You need to get the word out that you need help, and if anything telling your primary care that you need help now might get you put at the top of the list to see someone who does know how to help you. It can't hurt anyway.

I hope that helps

In the meantime, I would keep glucogon and glucose tablets near you at all times, until the lows stabilize. As far as your high blood sugars, if you know for sure that its because of food (and not because you have too little long acting/basal insulin) you might check your blood more often before and after meals to be sure, and then treat accordingly.