This is really just a rant, but maybe a heads up for any other parents of newly diagnosed school children.  So, I've spent all week in bed sick, but today headed to Ohio to pick up my son from diabetic camp.  Sometime around 5, I turned on my cell phone for the first time in a week.  The school nurse left a message on Wednesday and said she left one at work (but didn't call my home!!).  (Later, I discovered she left a message on answering machine at home TODAY, but I'm not there.)  Anyway, school starts next Wednesday.  She said in her message that she needs to meet with me and my son before school starts and that we need to bring in the paperwork from the endocrinologist for this school year.  Huh?  What paperwork?  And I just missed a week off work being sick after missing two weeks of work for a trip to Germany.  My son has an orthodontist appointment on Monday and has a hiking trip planned with friends for all day Tuesday.

Anyway, I vaguely, vaguely remember that when my son got out of the hospital last April, they gave me paperwork in the hospital to take to the school nurse.  I met with her when we got back in town, gave her the paperwork, and I kind of remember now that it was good through June 2009.  Boom.  Last I thought about it and last anyone said anything about it.  I have no paperwork.  Certainly, I can call the endocrinology department on Monday and they can fax something to me when they have time, but I have no idea when both my son and I will be able to meet with the school nurse before Wednesday.

I feel like I've missed something.  What really gripes me is that I emailed her last week to see if my son would be able to give himself his insulin shots NOT in the nurse's office this year (soooo time-consuming and eats into lunchtime) and she emailed me back that this was fine, just to be discreet so as not to gross out the wimps.  That was Tuesday.  She said nothing about paperwork, meeting, nothing.

What are they gonna do?  Say he cannot come to school till we meet?  Probably so.  Grrrrrrrrrrrr.  Even early Wednesday morning is not the best time time to meet as it's both my kids first day back to school, but my younger son is at the middle school.  Grrr.  Grrr.  Grrr.