Guardian CGM not recognizing sensor

How can I remediate this? It did say it needed a new iOS update with OS, but I cannot get back to that screen. Thanks!

hi. @Claplante Have you checked in with customer service? What did they say?

I have spent countless hours wasting my life with Medtronic. Some are pleasant and some are vile . Either way, it’s their job and it’s contingent to the quality of my life. I’m DISGUSTED. They are obviously a for profit company and excuse my venting, but I’ve had a rude diabetic trainer, who could not fathom I work an hour away from her office to attain private insurance. I’ve given up on the 530g my numbers were swinging wildly. I also had two pump failures. I now have the guardian CGM and am app on iPhone which seems to be working more efficiently. I have been battling colitis, been misdiagnosed with proliferative retinopathy (very scary and anxiety provoking), and displeased in general. I don’t like to be vulgar, but I’m unhappy. I appreciate your concern. Thanks.


Crystal Laplante

@Claplante hello Crystal, no need to apologize to me, heck you have every right to be mad. The deal is, in my opinion, that most CGM are not perfect. The Medtronic stuff tends to be more imperfect that the Dex stuff. Regardless, CGM just doesn’t work for everyone. Pumping also is very hard to adjust- I can’t tell you how many pump trainers I had to fire or how many times I wanted to throw my pump against a wall. In my experience, the pumps are good but the infusion sets and placement matters more. Many people cannot use Teflon cannula sets. Many people can only pump with a Sure T type metal infusion system.

Sorry you had a bad experience. I hope you find peace with this situation soon. Please feel free to reach out, or yell, or break things! I know I have.