Guardian CGM Tape Recommendations

Has anyone found an additional tape that is waterproof and works well with the Guardian 3 CGM? I am only getting 4-5 days out of my sensor due to tape issues. My biggest issues are sweat underneath the sensor and occasional swimming. Any insight would be great.

I’ve been using SimPatch tape and have been really happy with it. I use the tape they send with the sensors, too, and put the SimPatch on top once the warm-up for the sensor is done.
A pack of 25 is about $20 on Amazon.

Hi Daniel, I use the Omnipod system and my husband uses the freestyle Cgm.

We have both found Skin Tac to to be the answer to our prayers!

You apply where you will be placing the device, leave a few minutes to allow it to be super tacky, then apply device.

It’s available multiple places, however we’ve found Amazon to be most cost efficient. You don’t need to use loads per application and it lasts ages.

Good luck, and hope this helps you.

I agree - SkinTac is what I use with my Dexcom. I actually apply it to the adhesive patch to avoid an excessive area of skin becoming sticky.

Fixic makes a killer pre-cut tape that I’ve used for my Dexcom sensor, and they make a version for Guardian and also Freestyle Libre too. The tape lasts a full 10 days no problem - I’ve used it for multiple snorkeling trips, cycling, running - it lasts amazingly well for sweat and water. I’ve got the tan, pink and blue - I buy Fixic tape on Amazon. Hope it helps!

Good advice above. Skin tac (or Smith-Nephew IV prep) preparation before appling the sticky-back CGM (I use it for pump infusion sites too) then I use cut strips of clear tape all around, from brands like tagaderm, opsite, or fabric cover-roll. Helps the CGM stay adequately attached for 2, 3 weeks, sometimes longer