Guess who I got to meet this weekend?

While in NYC this past weekend, guess who I got to have dinner with? 

Gina is just as awesome in person as we know her to be online!  :)

you guys are all meeting up and having fun! i'm jealous! haha

Kim it was truly the best! I am glad we met and can't wait to come to Lincoln, Nebraska! LOL I wish I had longer to hang out with you!!! Next time you come to NY stay with me!! xoxoxoxo


You look beautiful, ladies. Glad you had fun!!

Gina - I am totally taking you up on that offer, next time!  :D  You are awesome and it was so fun hanging out with you and getting to meet the hubs!

Ditto girl! My hubs totally loved your hubs isn't that adorable????

HA!  That is awesome.  I wish we lived closer!

That's really cool that you got to meet !! Sounds like fun : )

Lincoln, NE is only a few hours from Des Moines, IA ;o) We could have a party!

Love it! I have yet to meet an online friend in person, but there are several that I wish I could! This must have been so fun.

How cool for you guys!!! So jealous. LOL I wana meet somebody!

I think we should have a big huge juvenation get together somewhere .. it would b the most amazing thing ever! I know people like little people have events like this and i think it would be amazing to have a big get together with everyone on juvenation

I would be totally down for that!  :)

Anyone want to come to Boston?  Or we could meet in the middle of the country...I guess that would be the fairest.  

Juvenation parties for the win! :) :)

It would be fun to meet some Juvenators in real life!  Kim, I have a high school friend and college roommate in Lincoln, so I'm there sometimes.  And C, I'm in Des Moines all the time...