Guests online -- wow!

I just can't believe it.... 6 members on line and 267 guests!  Who are these 267 guests?  Why are they watching us but not joining?  Are they people with diabetes?  It seems like an incredibly high number, but it's usually very high.  Any clues?

I've noticed that, too. I was a guest for a while before joining, but I should have just jumped in. We're a friendly bunch! Join us!

Hahaha - maybe it is just like a shop in the mall - lots of people browsing with a few actually making a purchase.

Window Shoppers! Maybe we can have a sale on members! lol


Oh sure! Every time this happens I end up in the bargain-bin or scratch & dent section :P



A-D we keep telling you that you are worth more, but you keep claiming because of your age that your experience comes at bargain prices, since you have so much to share. That is the only reason we keep putting you in the bargain bin. As for the scratches and dents, well after testing for so long we all start to head towards that bin anyway.

haha, for all we know, many of these guests may already be members.  since I share my computer, i never place the option to automatically sign me in, so i admit that there are many times that I'm on juvenation to only read the forums... not logged on :)

I have a personal bias against any number like 267. I automatically start, and then I reach for my insulin pump. Then I realize it's not, this time at least, my blood sugar.