Guidelines for Breastfeeding and Hyperglycemia?


There seems to be a lot of information and discussions about breastfeeindg causing hypoglycemia. My question, however, pertains to breastfeeding and and hyperglycemia. 

Does anyone know of what the gudelines are regarding hyperglycemia?  For example, what to do if your BG is too high, should you not breastfeed, etc?  What would be the cut off for "too high"?  I've read pretty much every book on diabetes and pregnancy that I can get my hands on, and also tried to look at scholarly resources, but this is not mentioned anywhere.


i was diagnosed with diabetes ("it must be t2 b/c adults don't get t1") when i was pregnant with my son.  after i delivered i was told the diabetes went away (i lost 30lbs when i was pregnant).  for nearly 6 weeks i breastfed and felt terrible.  finally i tested my bg and was really high, then finally diagnosed as t1.  my son is now 2 1/2 and fine.  i guess my thoughts are that breastfeeding is so good that as long as you aren't chronically hyper- like over 200- i would still nurse.  unless i hear otherwise from my ob, endo or specialist, that is my plan.  

i have nothing to back that up- it's just my thought.  i would call your doc and see what they think.

I assume you are worried about the effects on the breastmilk, and not the effects on you? You can still breastfeed if you are high.  There was a thread about this a while back and someone contacted Dr. Jack Newman (breastfeeding specialist in Canada) and asked about it.  His response was that sugar in your blood does not get into the breastmilk (sugar in breastmilk is lactose and produced by glands) so don't worry about it. Even if there are trace amounts of sugar from your blood in it, your baby's metabolism & digestion can handle it easily.  All moms' milk is different, diabetic or not, and all have varying amounts of lactose - some higher, some lower.

Thanks for the GREAT info spaghettio!!!!

your welcome!