Guilt ridden

Every month I throw away two bottles of insulin that are at least half full.The humalog is usually half gone, but the lantus is normally 3/4 full. It breaks my heart to just toss this desperately needed medicine in the trash. I have a five six "spoiled," bottles in my work shop box cause I just can't bring myself to throw them away.

Praise God my family and I are stable now and have money for everything we need, we all have desperately needed insurance, but there was a time when we had none of these things. And I know whats it's like stressing to the point of nearly crying aloud because I couldn't get test strips and only had four or five strips left. So I know what it's like to need meds and not have a way to get them. The worst was when we used our last glucagon and they are 175 dollars each and we needed at least at all times.

Well I suggest smaller bottles for young children.  

mozez, I'm glad everything is looking up for you and I am grateful that my son, so far, has had everything he needs. I was wondering if you've ever considered using insulin cartridges instead of vials? A box of 5 Humalog cartridges for the pens is $223 before insurance (at my Walgreens). I know that's more than a vial of Humalog, but each cartridge lasts us a whole month so that's a 5 month supply. We don't use it in the pen often, it can be used with syringes too. It may be worth asking your insurance provider about. :)

Why do you throw the bottles out?  Is it an expiration date thing?  I know many diabetics who keep using a bottle of insulin until it either runs out or obviously stops working (regardless of how much you inject blood sugars refuse to go down).  This way you have a rainy day stash and don't have to feel so bad about wasting supplies.

We used the carts. in michigan but illinios insurance wont pay for them. I loved the small carts they were awesome, we even used the lantus pen but drew out with a needle. Daughter is scared of the pen.

Eric humalog insulin is only good for 28 days, after that it spoils. I couldn't bear being cheap and making my daughter sicker by trying to save money. Like when she is sick and has ketones my wife and I burn through test strips and some times have to buy some with cash, but it doesn't matter, her well being and health is way more important than money.

Why don't you try the insulin pens again now that it's been a while? Children tend to change their minds quickly, esp if you present it as an exciting new thing. (: