Guinness World Record Contest for Pumpers

I was thinking of holding a contest to determine the world record for the fastest complete insulin pump infusion set change.  The only thing you would be allowed to do before starting the clock would be to lay out all the supplies on the table but NOT unwrap them.  Likewise, the present "old" infusion set would still have to be inserted and functioning.  The clock would stop only after the infusion set had been inserted and primed, and the pump had been reset to the standard basal run mode.  Anyone who would like to participate, please post your time in minutes and seconds.  A YouTube format video documenting the event would be great.  Good luck!

PS.  You do NOT have to clean up the mess of old infusion set and wrappers.

Man I should have timed myself today. I ran out of insulin so I had to change it this morning. Next time I'm gonna time myself. That's a good idea Paul! :)

I'm due for a change, I'll time it!

Can we alchocol swab first? lol pleeaaase? I have to wait for forever because if I insert it before it's 100% dry the site comes off within a day. Aw, what the heck - I'll time it!

This is a fun post, nice thinking, Paul.

Good point.  Let's require the swab with alcohol.  You can blow it to make it dry quicker!

Haha, alright! It'll probably add like 10 years onto my time, but. That makes me easy to beat!!

What do you think?  I don't always swab although I believe it is highly recommended that you do.  Do most people swab with alcohol?

Yes, I do. (which is terribly redundant) But swabbing isn't hard, I mean. I for one don't mind including that in time, but does it then matter if some people do and some don't? That would make a difference in time, but. That's just method, in a way, so should it make a difference?

Yes, I think we must require it.  It's actually a part of proper, accepted technique.  Similarly, any air bubbles must be tapped out of the reservoir.  What about swabbing the top of the insulin bottle?  How about we make that optional?

Works for me - doesn't take more than 1/2 a second to run a swab over the top of that, anyway. So is this timing the infusion set alone or the insulin change as well?

Definitely must include a new reservoir refilled with the amount of insulin you normally put in.  OK, let's include swabbing the top of the bottle as well but yhou can use one swab for both places.  Also, when you start your pump has to be in its normal carrying place, like a pocket, and you're not finished until the pump is returned to the same place (or a similar one).  It's very important to get the rules straight so there won't be any disputed winners. 

So, let me see if I have this right: take reservoir out, rewind pump, fill new reservoir, insert into pump, prime, infusion set, fixed prime, pocket-it. Right?

Also, profuse bleeding on either set removal or insertion is grounds for disqualification.  A drop of blood is ok.

We can't bleed??

We can bleed a little but no squirting or gushing.  We'll save the longest blood squirt for another contest :)

Also, the contest needs an end date.  Let's make it next Monday**** at 12am (EST).  Within the week, you can enter as many times as you'd like.  We're getting there.


****Changed so you have all of Sunday evening.

I think I'm out for the blood one! LOL! I hate when it bleeds, it's kind of disturbing because mine don't just spirttle a bit, they SPOUT haha! (sorry, that was really graphic!)

My parents are going to look at me like I'm crazy (probably am) when I'm changing site after site for a contest :)

The following week we'll have a blood sugar testing speed contest.  These will be the first two contests in the 2009 Dialympics.  Looking for other contest suggestions.

I bet I've made some sort of record for lows!! In the last four days I've gone low 22 times; can anyone beat that? haha!

Hey, what about carb estimation? Kind of like 'guess how many jelly beans are in the jar,' but instead put a diabetes spin on it and have a contest for 'guess how many carbs!'

The carb thing is a good idea.  Should we do it with a photo of a plate of food with just a list of what's there?  We'll have to work out the rules for this one.  We can also do closest to a particular good blood sugar reading (like 95) within a 2-3 hour period.