Gushing blood from site when removing


I had my first experience with a gushing site when I removed the old one from my side/stomach.  My wife went nuts when she first saw it because she thought something was wrong and I told her that others have had it happen before.  Has anybody else experienced this before?  In this case, it only bled for about a minute or so and then it stopped.  I put triple antibiotic on it and a band-aid and now it's all good.  I remember seeing Gina's video and hers didn't last that long and there wasn't that much blood.


I posted this same question in the Insulin pump therapy group site, but I want to get as many answers and experiences as possible from everyone.  Thanks in advance.

I've had this happen a couple of times...I figured it had something to do with the angle I put the catheter in. I never notice until I feel something running down my side and then I end up with the nice blood stain on the waist band of my boxers or shorts.

I just held a tissue to it til it stopped bleeding and went on with life. Don't consider it a big deal as it hasn't happened in awhile

Nothing exciting in my story really, took the catheter out, blood dripped out big time, had a small panic attack and moved on :o)