So, before I go/start gym, I have to check my blood sugar. The bad thing is I'd normally be low already, so I would have to eat, recheck in like fifteen minutes, and then get to class even though I'd already missed about half of it. So one day I had this really bad low, and I had to eat, and recheck but I was still kind of low so I had to do that proccess again. Then when I was finally qt a well enough level, I went outside to find out that the last couple of people were finishing their mile run and I had missed the whole thing. The other gym teacher(not my actual teacher) saw me and went," are you seriously just getting here?" she seemed kinda of annoyed but shE didn't yell at me or anything. So I just sat down next to my friends who sounded like they were dying and laughed. My actual teacher wasn't there, so a boy in my class was helping the sub. When he asked me what my time was and told him how I accidentally hadn't taken it. The look on his face was priceless. The weirdest thing was that somehow I got credit for running it.Anyway, I don't really have that problem now, because I now leave third period at the four minute bell, so I can check and eat before I get dressed, and not be late. But, yeah. I just found it kind of funny how angry my friends were at me because I hadn't been able to run it.

That w isn't supposed to be in the title by the way.

Haha cool!