Gymnasts with Type 1 diabetes?

Hi guys I am a level 10 gymnast and I was just recently diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. I was wondering if any of you guys use the pump or not? And if so, where do you put it and do during practice and do you like it better than shots?

I'm a gymnast too! I am getting a pump though but one of my friends has one and she wears hers on her arm or leg because you wear it on your stomach it could be pulled out easily but I know my friend just disconnects hers when she is practicing or at a meet. (:

I'm not a gymnast (I'm a runner), but pumps are awesome, and even though I have the Animas Ping, and OmniPod would probably be really great for gymnasts, if you wanted to keep the pump on during competition - I keep my pump on during races to control my BS, but I don't know how much your BS is affected by gymnastics.