Hi,im Hevin from Syria (some friends call me Rudi) im 25 years old and  was diagnosed with t1 diabetes 2 years ago .as a new to both diabetes and teaching and im kind of struggling with that.i teach math at high school its my second year as a teacher , had couple of lows during classes it was so bad ,i remember my self staring at symbols not knowing whats going on, it always  takes me a while to realize that im having a low.im still enjoying vacation since schools doesnt start here until 19 th of september . i like this group and hope we can share stories or ideas and make freindships

.bye(please excuse my bad English)

Hello Hevin, welcome to our forum. I was a math teacher too, for 34 years, bur I am retired now. Please join the discussions here and tell us more about yourself.


thanks Richard, its great to have math  in common,not only diabetes .i had my BA two years ago right before diagnosis and  signed for whats called deploma degree its about teaching  manners , but my first year with diabetes  and deploma was rough , i felt  disappointed with my body and also felt that i like math it self not teaching it,it was very bad year i didnt even go to exams , this year things got beter i had a pump and educated my self more about diabetes , teaching and studying for the first time made me better ,i expect to have my degree in two months .by the way i read that you had a master degree can i know what it was about ?


Hi Hevin. My Bachelors degree was in math. My Masters was in statistics, but statistics is a branch of math. I taught both math and statistics at a local community college here in New York state. I retired in 1997.

cool,if i ever think about Master i guess it will be related to applied mathematics and modeling.thanks for replying my posts

Hello Hevin.....I love that name!  Welcome to the teaching group!!!  I am very interested in learning about you and your teaching career.  I have been teaching going on 14 years.  I currently hold a master's degree in teaching and curriculum development from Penn State University.  Have you heard of Penn State???  I teach 6th grade and math is my favorite subject to teach!!!  I also enjoy teaching science.  I teach all subjects and am considered an elementary school teacher.  My certificate is K-6.  (K stands for Kindergarten, just in case you didn't know!)  Looking forward to chatting with you! 

Hi Angela,thanks for making me feel welcomed  . i dont have any freinds with diabetes in real life ,and  im  really excited to get to know you guys.in fact i dont know Penn State University but i can see that you  like teaching enough to spend such time on studying and preparing to it,i mean  shoud you have a master degree in order to teach at schools or its up to you?cause we dont, and if we think of master its usually because we consider teaching at university.This year will be my second year as a teacher ,last year was really exciting i tought 9th grade and  i tried to make them  like math cause they hated it .we had fun ,studied,and even played basketball .i will try my best this year and see.

You don't need a master's degree to teach at schools here, but you do need 24 credits to get what is called an Instructional II certificate....and a master's degree is usually 36 credits!  So, I just went for my masters.  Many teachers in Pennsylvania do that.  Some go for their principal's certificate, some go for special education, some go for reading specialist....it just depends on what you want to do.  I don't want to EVER be a principal!!  I really want to stay in the classroom, so I went for Teaching and Curriculum.  I am happy where I am!  What grade will you teach this year?  Sounds like you are a fun teacher!  We have fun in my class too, but we really work hard also!!!  I am sure you will do a great job this year, just as you did last year!  Keep in touch!!

There is also something called Act 48 in Pennsylvania.....you need to continue to get credits every five years or you could lose your certificate to teach....

yah,i guess im a math and fun teacher .anyway  we didnt play sports in math class ,but at gym in sports class.i dont know yet what grade i will teach ,since school doesnt start until 19th september, but it doesnt matter cause its all new to me you know,and im always interested in new experiences.


Hevin....you are one brave teacher!  With the start of school so soon, I don't understand how you don't know what grade you are teaching yet!!!  That would make me really nervous and anxious!!  Is it like that every year for you?  Do you teach the students gym also, or is there a gym teacher???  We have a gym teacher at my school, an art teacher, a music teacher, a technology teacher and a wellness teacher...wellness is just like health class!  I consider myself very lucky when I hear about your experiences!!  Best of luck this school year!!

`Hi  Angela , which grade each one  of us will teach gets clear one week before starting school after discussions with principal and other teachers ,i cuess im ok with it  till now.i dont teach kids gym ,they have gym teacher ( he is a friend of mine to) but they asked me to play with them and i liked it.we also have art teacher,music teacher and technology teacher but we dont have a wellnes teacher .im also interested in learning about your experiences in teaching and diabetes.so lets keep in touch

So, could it be any grade?  Kindergarten through 12th???  That just blows my mind!  How very different education is where you are!  I enjoy playing games with my students also.  I even join them for gym class once in a great while! 

I tell all of my students that I have type 1 diabetes.  They usually know someone else who has diabetes, either type 1 or type 2.  When I tell them that I have to take a shot every time I eat or have high blood sugar, their jaws usually drop!  I give them the symptoms of high blood sugar and low blood sugar.  I also tell them that if they see me eating, it's because my blood sugar is low!  They are pretty fascinated by sugar tablets and they wonder how they taste....of course I tell them that they taste horrible!  They really look after me and know what the signs are......I have never gotten so low that I am not aware of what is going on.  I am really good at catching my lows.  They would rather me be low than high!  I get pretty giddy when I am low and they laugh a lot more than usual!  But one of them usually says, "Are you low?"  I give them a lot of credit for knowing how to read me!  Plus I will sometimes share my snack, if I brought enough with me that day!!  Then they really love me!!!

Can't wait to hear about your experiences!  Take care!

it can be  from 7th grade to 12th,to teach in primary school (1st grade to 6th) you need a different certificate from raising colleges.i didnt tell my students anything about having diabetes although i had couple of bad lows i dont know why mabey cause im new to it. in fact there are so many people around me dont know about my diabetes,i guess because im having difficult time trying to get used to it.the most annoying things about diabetes and teaching are lows, and having to go to bathroom many times especially in the middle of lessons.maybe i will tell my students this year ,i think this can make things easier,i dont know.

bye,i  will go and watch some tennis,i love watching tennis, you are  fortunate to have US OPEN ,i am also an amateur photographer and i spend so much time trying to have good shots.what about you what do you like to do when you have time?

Ok...so you are considered a secondary education teacher.  It might help to let your students know about your diabetes.  They are usually very understanding and very helpful.  You should consider letting some of your co-workers know too.  All of my co-workers know.  It is also helpful that I teach right down the hall from my husband.  He checks in on my very often during the day. 

I LOVE tennis!  I played in high school and I actually coached for six years!  I love watching tennis on TV too.  I would like to travel to the US OPEN soon, too!  Who is your favorite player?  That's cool that you are a photographer!  In my spare time, I enjoy scrapbooking, reading, gardening, and traveling. 

Hevin, I am watching the US Open too, I love pro tennis, but I was never good at playing the game. I want Kim Clijsters and Mardy Fish to win this year. I don't think Mardy will do that, but Kim has an excellent chance.

I spend about six hours each day on the diabetes websites giving support and advice, and chatting with my friends I have made online. I don't watch much TV, maybe a couple of hours each day, unless there is something special like the US Open being shown. I am retired from teaching , so I have a lot of free time. I will be doing some house repairs now, getting ready for the cold weather here in New York.

Hi Angela ,  Its nice  that you played and coached tennis, my favorite  player is Roger Federer ,i  like the way he plays and how cool he stays  in matches.not to mention that  i LOVE traveling and enjoy reading  and writing about what ever i feel .


Hi Richard ,i dont play the game either,i like Roger Federer he has a tough match tonight against Soderling whom i think  is a good player too,i like Kim Clisters too and think she can win .you  must be a very generous  person to spend such time helping people to deal with diabetes .i dont watch TV so much but i watch what we call DRAMA  they are different kinds of serieses .we are getting ready for winter too .