H1N1 Swine Flu- Parent Advice

My family gets teased a lot for washing our hands too much. Unfortunately, that wasn't enough to avoid getting swine flu. Our community has had a rash of infections and unfortunately we were unable to avoid infection even with our obsessive attention to sanitation.

The flu symptoms lasted for about a week. Both our daughters who are in their teens had a terrible time with it, and we, as parents, were lucky enough to dodge most of the major symptoms. We found that treatment with Tamiflu helped alleviate some of the symptoms and shorten the duration of sickness. The key is to get it in your system early. So if your kids haven't gotten it yet, I'd recommend that you get a prescription of Tamiflu filled from your pediatrician, just in case.

If you want more details, I posted about our experiences with it on my blog here: http://parentsguidetodiabetes.blogspot.com/2009/11/stricken-with-swine-flu.html

I hope everyone stays healthy- keep washing your hands!


I agree on the Tamiflu advice - I had the flu 2 weeks ago (our clinic would not test because I am not high risk to determine if it was H1N1 or seasonal) however, when my son began to show symptoms the next day, the clinic did immediately call in a Tamiflu prescription for him and he was better within 1 day (but still continued the full course of medication).

Just a note to parents - Tamiflu outside of pill form tastes TERRIBLE (very bitter). Apparently Tamiflu can be made into a liquid prep - but it still tastes terrible (my neighbors boys had this option and switched to pills for the last half of their course). Our pharmacy only provided our son with the gelcaps and told us to open them and mix it into applesauce. My son could definitely taste it and tried to spit it out. So I had to teach my 4 year old how to swallow a pill - amazingly - he did this with little trouble after I said - swallowing equals no bad taste vs. applesauce that tasted terrible.

I guess maybe I'm so impressed because I couldn't swallow pills until I was 12 - and here is my little 4 yr old who did it like it was no big deal!

WOW!  That is actually a really great thing to have your son be able to swallow pills at 4.  Now he can take some medications that do not have the added sugar for flavoring!  Next time my 6 year old gets sick I think I will try to have her swallow a pill.