I'm just wondering what other parents are thinking about H1N1. I'm a teacher, so I've been home this summer with my 4 year old who has T1, but I'll be returning to work soon, and she'll be returning to daycare. I'm becoming more anxious about H1N1 as these days approach. I know they're working on a vaccine, but I'm also nervous about a new vaccine and its possible side effects. I'm sure none of you have an "answer", but I just needed to reach out to somebody about this.

I hadn't even thought about it.  My son has just been diagnosed in July.  I have no idea how being sick will effect his levels.  Geez, when do we get to relax?  I sell vaccines, so i understand a little about how they work.  I am not sure, however, how many variations of H1N1 there are in existence.  My issue with the Flu vaccines is that it only protects you against certain strains (whichever they choose to put in it) and there doesn't seem to be any cross protection with other strains.  So hopefully, whatever goes into the H1N1 vaccine will protect against whatever is out there currently.  What has your experience been with the flu vaccine?  I believe it is a modified live virus, did your child's glucose level react to it?

My son was dx with type 1 in June 2008. So because of that, he had his first flu shots last fall.  Luckily the shot didn't really seem to  bother his bg levels. 

I'm a teacher too and I am also concerned about H1N1 and the affect on the kids with type 1. Hopefully everyone will stay safe. I know that when kids come to school sick, illnesses spread like wildfire at out small school.


I'm sure you're feeling overwhelmed right now. Honestly, we never get to relax. I feel like every time I know an illness is going around, I'm paranoid. So far, our experience with the flu vaccine has been good. She has had the vaccine twice and hasn't had any negative side effects. Her glucose levels were not affected at all.

The sicknesses that have been the worst for our daughter have been stomach viruses. She ends up in the hospital every time. However, don't worry that that will happen to you. Our doctor says our daughter is just highly sensitive to ketones, and not everyone is that way. Hopefully as she gets older and bigger, she will be able to handle it better.

Good luck, and thanks for the response!

Our daughter was diagnosed june 9 1999, at age 22 months, she has had a flu vaccine every year since except for last year and guess what she got the flu. We did pretty well balancing her insulin/food/hydration but we ended up in the hospital anyway (hydration is the toughest part for her, and sometimes we just cant get in front of it quick enough). Anyway, our pediatrician has recommended the h1n1 and I am following her lead especially after last year. Don't forget it is usually recommended that all family members get the flu vaccine. I doubt they will have enough n1h1 for family members.

Did someone say relax??!! They must be starting a career in comedy. Seriously though you create your routine and follow it as best you can. We are not superheros. Good and loving parents for sure.  

Mollys Mom,

My daughter was diagnosed in April 09 and attended a small private school.  Well, she is now in a public high school with 1700 students.  I, too, worry about H1N1.  Apparently she does as well because it has only been three weeks of school and she has gone through 2 bottles (mini) of hand sanitizer.  I know she will get sick with something (she did this summer with a throat virus) but she is old enough to practice good health habits.  Perhaps talk to your childcare provider and see what they are doing to combat this illness. 

I am also a teacher and our school nurses are very nervous about the vaccines coming out.  The general feeling is that they were "rushed" to production and the side effects, which are to be bad, are almost not worth it.  Talk to your endo to see what the feeling is there.  I am feeling that unless Jordan's endo says she HAS to have it, she won't.  She is getting the regular flu shot, though.

Good luck to you!  And make sure your students practice healthy habits!!  You can go to CloroxClassrooms.com and receive a free bottle of clorox wipes, by the way!

Yes, I am nervous too, but I keep telling myself I can't worry about what might happen- that will eat me alive!  We just have to do the best we can and be as smart about it as possible.

The flu or sickness is more difficult for a diabetic because it is harder to manage the bloodsugars for several reasons:  first when your body is fighting an infection you will be insulin resistant (not sure if that is the proper medical term- but you will need more insulin than normal) and because you are throwing up the food you just ate, you might not need all the insulin you just gave yourself.  So here you are needing to increase your insulin because of infection, but then decreasing it because of throwing up food so it is tricky. 

I don't know if we will opt for the H1N1 vaccine unless I am real comfortable with the testing on it.  My Julia has had diabetes for three years and we always get the flu shot.  Julia has had it for 3 years and thankfully has only had a couple of mild colds- she only missed one day of school last year and it was for a family vacation- now isn't that a miracle!!!!  Her non-diabetic brother was sicker than she was- but I am also a type 1 for 26 years so know what it is like to battle the flu/bronchitis with diabetes and why I am nervous.  Honestly, I never got flu shot until Julia got diabetes- I am kind of anti-meds unless I really have to and over all the years I have rarely gotten sick.  I must have other good genes that take care of other illnesses better!  But as I get older and I did have the flu really bad a few years back, and since Julia is a T1 too, I've opted to get the flu shots.

So, I am rambling, but regarding the H1N1, I am not going to panic and automatically get it- I am going to discuss it with my doctor and Julia's who are excellent and make a decision at  that time- but I am going to be on the look out about it so if we do decide to get it, we are able to before it runs out.



Hi Jennifer,

I just posted some info about how being sick will effect his levels under Mollymom's post instead of yours- ooops- go there to read it. 

Also, I don't believe our glucose levels react to the vaccines.  In all the years my daughter and I have gotten regular flu shots, I haven't seen any changes- but that is just my experience .

Also, in the 26 years I have been a T1, I haven't gotten that sick and have never been hospitalized- in hindsight, I should have gone to the ER one time when I got the flu really bad and was dehydrated- I just kept taking my bloodsugar every hour- sipped on water- and 7up for some sugar- but it was dangerous and wasn't thinking too clearly in the midst of it so promised myself that next time if a next time, I ever get that sick, I will go to the hospital and not risk getting too dehydrated.


I have the same opion as most of you out there.  I don't feel too comfortable about the H1N1 vaccine.  My son, he is not diabetic, was home for 4 days with the flu.  There were over 60 kids out with the flu or strep at his school. My daughter,Type I, has been ok so far;however, I do think I will give her the flu shot.  I too am not crazy about vaccinations.  This is such as tough call!!  We are making sure everyone washes hands and gets lots of rest.

Will the worry ever stop?!




LOL - i guessed the ending before I got there - but it means one thing - you're going to have to accept the fact that when push comes to shove - you rock!

I'm glad you're back to the world of normal BS... :)