Haha i think i offended a T2 this morning

I donno if he was a T2 or not..but he was elderly(had to have been in his late 60's/early 70's), overweight and was apparently not used to testing, as he was still complaining about it.

He had one of those auccu check meters you see advertised on tv for T2's all the time(or at least I do) and fuck was that thing loud!!

so I asked him how he liked it. and he said it was fine. and so i told him about mine, and how you could plug in your exercise and all that. he got it confused with an old one touch he had had, so i showed him and he went "oo that's a fancy little set-up".

i didn't mean to show off, just talking about meters and trying to hint that maybe a one touch would be good for him(he opened up a logbook and started trying to remember the date and stuff) but without saying it in my usually blunt ways.

so he asked me how much it set me back, and i simply replied in a normal tone that i can't recall my mom or myself ever paying for a meter in the 15years since i was diagnosed with T1. that i always get them for free from the drug store, cuz it's the test strips they make the money off of.

he didn't seem to impressed and quickly after moved to the other waiting room near the front desk(when we both arrived seating was only available outside the lab). and quickly looked away from me when i walked in and sat down in the seat next to him(only one free) because my number was gonna get called next. haha.

Knowing other elderly T2's, I think it's impressive he's even trying to test. lol.

Hi Batts,that was sweet of you to have taken the time to tell him all that.

Yeah that was nice of you.  I get annoyed at Type 2's who don't test or take necessary steps to control their diabetes so at least he's doing that.  I wouldn't worry about him I'm sure he wasn't mad at you lol

I went to my endo today, while waiting for my turn I heard some T2's talking about their Diabetes. I sat quietly, although I wanted to scream at them, listening to them complaining about how having to take pills is such a pain in the butt, how having T2 is sooo hard for them. One said, "I've had T2 for 2 yrs and I can't take it". So I'm thinking to myself----HELLO, I have had T1 for almost 26 yrs., taking 4 shots a day you don't hear me moaning and groaning, just deal with it, it could be alot worse !!! I think the best comment I heard was "sometimes you just have to leave it alone and just walk away". GRRRR.... Sorry but I just get so upset listening to them complain everytime I go to see my endo. If all I had to do is lose weight, eat right and exercise to be free from Diabetes, I'd be ecstatic. I hope I don't offend anyone, I'm just venting. Sorry if I did.

Any thoughts ?? Am I wrong for getting frustrated?

I understand people get upset about type 2 people.Heck,I'm married to one and he makes me mad !ha..But even though he started out on pills -he has been on insulin shots for years. He never conplains about what he goes through. His only worry is our daughter.Is she alright----I am the one who helps him when he will let me,when he drops so low that he can,t get help for himself. I understand the frustration of type 1 having to put up with the type 2 junk...My daughter has had it enough too !! I just want  to say along with those awful type2 people---there really are some sweet ones too !!

 My Dad is like your husband, diagnosed T2 but is insulin dependant for many years.  

I remember that now..I think I read that when refrig. compartments were talked about.We have the same thing going on -two different places to keep the insulin in.One for my husband and one for my daughter. I'm sorry--I think I am too sensitive about that hard headed husband and his type2 condition.