Hair loss

T1.  Was diagnosed in July 2009.  Soon after that my hair started to come out.  In handfulls.  I have long hair, and it used to be very thick.  It is now VERY thin.  It has stopped now, except for normal loss.  I read someplace, that this can be due to  insulin inballance.  Has anyone else had this happen to you, and will my hair grow back, or am I stuck with Thin hair now? I'm so new to this Thing, that there is so much to learn.  Thanks

lots of reasons could be causing your hair loss. here are the 2 big ones i can think of:

1. alopecia - another autoimmune disorder where the hair falls out

2. protein deficiency - hair is made from protein. without enough of it, your hair will fall out.


my hair started falling out in high school because of a severe protein deficiency. i never went bald, but i, like you, had a lot of very thick, long hair. when it started coming out it was startling and scary. luckily, my doctor helped me figure out the problem. my hair still falls out but not at such a ridiculous rate.

I don't want to scare you, but I too had long thick hair that I lost.  The diagnosis was alopecia.  The doctors nodded yes to the autoimmune cause especially since I have been a Type 1 diabetic.  I was diagnosed at 26 (which is not the typical age for Type 1) which meant that my diabetes was due to my autoimmune system.

You might want to see a dermatologist.  They will probably ask if you have had your thyroid tested recently.

Thanks C and KathyO:

I too was diagnosed late,  at 52. not typical either.  No history of diabetis in my family as far back as we know.  I am on Thyroid meds also.  that went south after my 3 child, years ago. So... life goes on. I can live with it. (less shampo to buy).  I can deal with things, as long as I understand it, and why.
Thanks again.

Melody C.

I, too, have experienced hair thinning.  Mine was due to undiagnosed hypothryroidism.  Once I got on synthroid and cytomel, and started taking multi-vitamins again, it's gotten a bit thicker.  Not like it was, but it's better.  When was the last time your endo checked your thyroid levels? 

Thanks Kim:

I am on Synthroid also.  Have it checked every year.   It could be possible that it has changed.  good advice.  There is hope that some will grow back.  Thanks for that.  Think I will go get me some brown hair powder and sprinkle it in my hair. (saw that on Dr. Oz)  :)

I had the exact same thing happen to me, and my hair is now nice and thick again.  At diagnosis, your body is in shock (ketoacidosis etc), hence the hair loss.  I cut my hair pretty short when it got really thin, that helped it not look so bad.