As I listen to the horrific news some of my worst fears come to fruition.  I can't help but worry about those with major health issues like T1.  I seem to have this worry that if sometihing on that level happened in our country, would those whose lives depend on insulin and other supplies receive it?  As a parent of a T1 I worry alot about the risk that insuliln and so on would not be available.


any thoughts......

Kim(mom to a T1) 



I've thought about the same thing over the past few days. I actually watched a doctor helping a 2DAY old baby yesterday and all i could do was cry!! They didn't even have anti-biotics for her. Though she is alive he even said he feared infection. I worry about shortages of any meds or supplies for my daughter. Just running out of test strips is stressful enough, i couldn't imagine running out of insulin!! Luckily for the amount that she uses and the amount our perscription was written for, we always have at least one extra unopened bottle a month.....My heart goes out to all of those in Haiti, but it is also amazing how fast the WORLD came to their aid!!

I have said many times if something horrific where to happen, a tidal wave on long island, the end of the world lol you get it, i hope I go because I would never want to be a T1 dying because i have no supplies and i would think there will be parents and people going to any means to get the supplies they need. its def a scary thing when u rely on something to live. im not trying to be dreary sorry i dont think theres any special programs tho for T1's to get their supplies if something really horrific happened to where society was not functioning normally.. but if you find out anything let me know

well my uncle has relitives in haiti (one of them is a T1) and since its only been a few days and all the support they are getting unless they are really low on supplies they should be good for a while

That would be terrible. To be whitout supplies and everything. I feel so sorry for the people over there and my heart goes out to them. <3