Half Empty or Half Full

Looking through the discussions and blogs posted on this website, I see many different things going on. There are people who are newly diagnosed looking for peers who may help them; peers who understand them. There are people asking for advice on some issues regarding managing Diabetes and such. Then, there are some who are posting just for the sake of posting something (which is nothing wrong). However, there are a lot of people that talks about things that annoy some of us as Diabetics and things that sometimes ANGER us as Diabetics.

Now we all understand what we all are going through despite our "not personally knowing each other" condition. One thing that unites us all is that we are all Diabetics. We understand each other so well when it come to issues such as of those who say they understand us but they really don't. Am I right ?

You may be asking now where I'm trying to get to with this blog.

Well, I would like to create this blog for all of you to answer only one question. 

Is your cup half empty ? or Is your cup half full ?

If you don't see any point in this blog, then please don`t bother leaving a comment. I want us to see the positive side of being a Diabetic. Yes, our condition sucks. But we all have to live with it. HOWEVER, living with it doesn't mean to stop doing the things that you love to do. It simply means to manage our health properly. Keep our sugars within range and eat the proper foods. I know it is hard at first, but in every and any situation, starting is the hardest to do. It is like writing an essay. The "hard" part in writing an essay is getting your ideas together. Choosing your points and your proofs. Brainstorming. It's the same idea in life. It's always a struggle to start a habit, but like they say, after 21 days, the habit stays within you and from then on, that habit is a piece of cake. 

So here in this blog, I would like you to respond with a positive mind. Look at how beautiful the grass is rather than the brown ugly empty spot. I am not a good writer as some or all of you may have noticed. But again,


whether my glass is empty or full kinda depends on the day. I try so hard to stay positive but sometimes it's really difficult. I like to look on the bright side and the good in things because with the right mindset your day can be so much better. But then again, there's those days where I just ask why? or what the heck did i do? But I push the thought aside and just deal with it.

I would like to think that most of the time my glass is half-full.  Just like what Matthew said, sometimes it can seem like its half-empty.  Some days my blood sugars will be high and that day just stinks.  However, I don't know how my life would be without Diabetes.  Being Diabetic has ,in a way, forced me to eat/be more healthy.  It also lets me sneak in food to the movies easier!   Compared to other illnesses I think I have it pretty easy.  

I completely agree with what you said about compared to other diseases you think you have it pretty easy. It's so true, my little brother had cancer and watching him just reminded me of how easy i've got it. I think when I complain I'm being disrespectful to everyone who has it so much worse.

I think I'm usually a half-full person, but of course, there are bad days......   but I kind of think that being diabetic has really made me see the things with  more positive outlook... it's made me be thankful for the little things, as well as the big; that I live in a great country, that I have a family who supports and looks after me....

In a way, I'm almost glad that I'm diabetic, because there are way worse things out there like ALS, or Crohns's disease, or polio...... I have a friend  who has alopecia, and I'm so glad I don't have that, because at  least with diabetes, people can't see it just by looking at you.....

I'm usually a half-full person. I don't let diabetes control my life, instead I control my diabetes. But, occasionally, there are half-empty moments or hours. I just try to remember that God has a reason for this no matter what I may think.  :)

I'm a half-full person. I am the type of person who wakes up early and turns Pandora up to wake everyone. I joke around with my doctors about my once again high A1C test and I definitely have first hand experience with other much harder diseases. Like my cousin has had leukemia since he was three. After all he has been through I consider myself the lucky one. I think  life is to fun to be negative.

I like to think of my diabetes as something that adds to my character. Before I was diagnosed, I was having a lot of trouble "discovering me."  Now I feel like I know myself better and am so much more unique than the average person because of it.

I believe that "The glass is never half full or empty it's just never the right size for the situation" and I agree carrie67, diabetes doe build character because it has made more determined etc

I have had a very hard time adjusting, it has been mostly a half empty kinda ride for me.