Halloween Candy

That time of year again where EVERY kid will want and need to taste candy. Here is a link to an easily printed pdf that has carb counts for many candies.

Hope this link works for you; if it doesn’t let me know and I can email you the pdf sheets.

This is great! Thanks for the list, very helpful, especially since this will be our first Halloween. Any advice, since I have no clue what to do? Usually we have candy frenzy for a night, but i know things can not be the same…

Shariza - how old is your child? My parents used to let me have a little candy, but then would buy the rest of it off of me. 5-10 cents a piece or something like that. I was allowed to keep chips etc for myself.

:slight_smile: and candies can be saved for low blood sugars.

I had never thought of “buying” the candy from her! What a grand idea!!! :laughing: that way it doesn’t seem like I am taking something away from her… she is 9. And has a younger sister, they both are excited for Halloween, because they like to pretend to be something different for a whole night. However I can tell she knows it will be different and she had made the comment “my candy will be taken away.” Her grandmother is having a halloween party for them this yr and has been on a massive rampage researching free or low carb tastey treats to serve to make this yr fun. I do appreciate your ideas!