Halloween Candy :)

Hey guys...I have been trying so hard for the past few days to not eat too much of my Halloween candy(i will never be too old for trick or treating!!! everrr!!) because I know it makes my BGs high..but like anyone else theres always that temptation...I try to look up the carbs in my best friend, when eating, The Calorie, Fat, and Carbohdrate Counter by The Calorie King (SUPER HELPFUL TOOL!!) and sometimes i cant find it or am just too lazy....i know when you have diabetes you cant be lazy but yeah no one is ever on full force high alert 24/7 even though thats how you have to be but you know what? I am going to start a rebellion against my parents and eat as much Halloween candy as i want during the day...even though i will feel guilty and end up controlling myself so i dont have a breakdown about having high BGs

...but yeah how does it usually go with your Halloween candy?

I just don't ever get it.  I give it to my sister