Halloween Costume with my pump?

Random but...I was thinking wouldnt it be kinda of cool to incorporate your pump into you costume? any creative ideas? i think itd be fun : )

well i am being my pump for halloween and im dressing my pump up as a human lol

hahaaha thats not a bad idea :)

awesome idea! 

i'm not on the pump yet but i hope to be on it soon :]

hahah that’s so cute!
well, if anyone is having issues finding a place to put their pump in a non-pump related costume,
if you don’t have pockets, i would highly suggest your waistband, lower back, or side of your bra(:

hah i’m being winnie the pooh for halloween…but i am going to be with like 30 diabetics which should be aweesome!
ironic, and awesome haha(:

Rachel I agree with you.. those are all good ideas.. and that is awesome you are being winnie the pooh!! and will be with a bunch of diabetics as well! sounds like a good time!!

Our family is going to a diabetes halloween party this year and we are all dressing as the Incredibles.  It should be fun!

That's hysterical Adriana.  Be sure to share photos of the completed product. :)

this year i'm gunna be little red ridding hood, and my bf is gunna be the big bad wolf (he's all scruffy and letting it grow out till the 31st) i'll just hook my pump on my undergarments, like always when i'm in a dress

you could be a nurse, endo, or other doc and just carry your supplies around all evening offering educational demonstrations for a fee of a piece of candy

or if you're still using injections you could walk around looking like a real druggie with unused syringes with the needle broken off in advance to prevent accidental sticks by stupid friends (or super glue the caps on)

you could be a traveling salesman, selling the candy you don't want for cash!  wear a suit coat and carry a brief case...and wear like 10 watches on each arm!

you could be a dj and tape some head phones to your pump and be jamin' out all night!

can you tell i looooooooooooove halloween and dressing up!!!  i also love putting makeup on other people and my bf only let's me do it to him at halloween!  wiiiiiiiiiiiiii

ahhahaha i love the walking around with syringes! i might get stopped by police tho!

i am being a fairy for halloween . . . idk what i will do with my pump! the costume is kinda tight - fitting so idk! 

 Lol, Halloween is over, but next year you can be a doctor, and say that you were experimenting for a patient!! :)

[quote user="Adriana"]

well i am being my pump for halloween and im dressing my pump up as a human lol


Did you do it????  I would sooooooo love to see pics!!!!!

i just attached it to the side of my skirt(went as a zombie secretary as my friend, who went as the female verison of shaun of the dead, pet zombie).


i was gonna be a cyborg..and use it as part of my costume..but i didnt have time by the time i came up with that idea!