Halloween memories

With halloween coming up...

Remember the days when we "little diabetic children" had to give up our candy at the end of the night, because we "couldn't have candy"..  My younger brother always hit the jack-pot on halloween!!!!!!

OMG, I'm so glad those days are over *grin*   How about you?


this is my first halloween having diabetes.. my mom and i are going to a neighboring town that has a bunuch of decorated houses in hopes of not getting so much candy..

this should be interesting...

haha at least i'm being ketchup for halloween...

I never had diabetes when I used to trick or treet, but It is really hard to resist eating all the candy especially when I hand it out and just go by some just because.  What a mean Holiday haha

hahahahaa. you're going to be ketchup for halloween.


i still went trick or treating a couple of times. we just spaced out the candy so i wasn't eating it all the time. we also did other stuff like go see movies, pick up some new toy (i remember getting a barbie once), or collect food for the food pantry. i still had fun and got to dress up so halloween was never a crappy holiday for me. :o)

i remember those days and am soooo glad they are gone. I remember also having birthday parties with no cake or pound cake because we couldn't eat the cake. Ahhh yes, the 80's they were a great time to have this disease!

Ketchup is interesting. When I went trick or treating I would just save the stuff I liked and spread it over time. It was the only way to do it.

I have to go to a Costume Party this year. I was thinking of going as the "Not-So-Invisible-Man".

brian, if that involves you looking like you normally do, i give that costume a big LAME. :o) go as batman.

Oh come on, that is so a clever costume name.

I am thinking of either dressing up as a soccer player... or I was tempted to dress as my friend Bob. I know my friends will find it a riot. He always wears pink polos, has been known to travel with a fanny pack when he vacations, and ugly crocs.

hahahha. sounds like a tourist costume :o)

I know, it is truly horrible. I will also need to stuff a pillow in the shirt if I do it. I just can't see spending money on a pink polo I would never wear. He won't lend me one of his. I tried to say I was going to go dressed as a priest, but they won't let me do that either.

you can't dress like what you (almost) are! that's not inventive at all.

i expect more from you, bpq.

I haven't gotten paid for my work in over a month. I am kinda low on fundage, so I am thinking cheap at this point. Maybe I can borrow a traffic cone from the church and wear it on my head with an orange t-shirt.

excuses, excuses ;o)

traffic cone brian. could be entertaining at least.

My school nurse suggested my parents pay me for the candy my first diabetic Halloween. My parents did, but they weren't too keen on the idea :) After that I just started giving it to everyone else,"sharing," or putting it in the freezer to eat over a longer period of time. I don't need candy this year though :P

You guys are threadjacking!!

We are simply discussing Halloween Memories to be... The money thing never happened with my family. Just me and my bag of candy. It was silly to try and get peanut butter and chocolate things from me. I bite!

we're still halloween themed. it's not a total jack. :o)

Like minds!

haha. i used to be a chocolate FANATIC. i've never been too big on peanut butter. i've outgrown my chocolate days. too bad i didn't know you 15 years ago. you could've had all my chocolate and peanut butte.r


haha. i'm imagining a homer simpson moment.