With lows can a person get hallucination? some things I have read here make me think so. If so,why ?

I sometimes get really confused and things look wierd when I go low.  I also occassionaly get a mental problem called derealization when I go low, where things look different and out of proportion, everything I hear sounds overemphasized and fake, and I'll feel like my body changes from tiny to giant to tiny and back and forth compared to my surroundings.  But that's happened before when I wasn't low, so it might just be linked to my anxiety disorder.

My parents thought I might have had hallucinations when I had high blood sugars before I was diagnosed.  I was four but I would freak out at nothing.  And the times I've been really high in the last few years I've noticed that my perception seems to change.

When you're blood sugar isn't normal it can mess up your brain. Confusion, changes in vision, changes in perception, it's pretty normal when you have a severely high or low bs, but it can be wierd and scary.  Full blow hallucinations are more severe.  I don't think I've ever had that other than before I was diagnosed.  Some of the people here may have.

i have never had that happen but when im in the skating rink especialy, stuff seems to glow in this very specific way that i almost immediatly know im low

for me it feels like your center of gravity has been raised...you feel top heavy and I usually have a hard time balancing.

I notice more of those kinds of issues when my blood sugar is high...I'll look at the clock thinking I just saw 8:30, and after what seems like twenty minutes the clock reads 8:27.

This is a really general answer, but when your sugar goes low, the glucose needed by the brain isn't there.  Instead of cutting off like a car, your brain does the best it can with what is available.  So perhaps one vision center is working fine, but another doesn't have enough fuel to process data normally (now expand this to the whole brain).  This is just how I look at it.  I'm not really sure how to interpret funny things happening when BG is too high.

when your blood sugar is low, doesnt your body start to kinda shut down? stop doing the things that arent nessasary to live, like muscle functions. thats why you are clumsy and memory is affected because it isnt a priority of your body's.

   Yea you can get hallucinations depending on how use your body is to being that low. What I mean is i'm very hypoglycemic, my BS stays around 45-105 the whole time cause I give myself a lot of humalog, and I use to hallucinate when I was younger but now my body has gotten use to it. But you mind gets use to it so lowers ur threshold.  And its also not hallucinations like u think of with drugs, its really just an outward dizziness, and such.

  Also when your low your body releases a lot of adrenline, thats why if u ever been close to comatose, ur usually very sweaty or in a pool of sweat. And Adrenline has been know to cause people to hallucinate but if ur drenched in sweaty, theres probably no possibility of remembering anything about that moment.

I've had diabetes for 15 years already and with that came many lows... Out of the many lows I've had, I had hallucinations three times. Every time I had them was when I was really, really low.

The first time I cant remember... I was like 3! My mom says I had passed out from low sugar and when I came back into conciosness I was terrified of the monsters everywhere... I tried to slap them, but I was slapping at nothing, pure air... I stopped seeing them when my BG was up, but my mom made me draw them, and I still have the picture (somewhere).

The second time was my first major low that I had since starting school. I passed out of low BG and when I started waking up in the hospital the doctor looked like a devil and the room was full of flames, I cant remember seeing the actual hospital room.

The last time was 3 years ago. I was home alone and lost conciosness on the living room couch. When I woke up I was in a small filthy little room laying on the floor and a guy I didn't recognise was giving me honey (which I hate, urgh!). It turns out I was in the living room all the time and it was my brother who was giving me the honey...

Yeah, I dont really know why I hallucinated, but its only happened to me when my BG was low...

Hi Meme,
I have had hallucinations from extreme low blood sugars as well. Just like Alet mentioned, they were all when I was becoming conscious. I do not know the reason for it, maybe one of us could mention it next time we are in for a check up, and see what the doctor says. Personally, I have just always felt it was my minds way of dealing what was going on with my body, since my body was going through such a nightmare, my mind also created one.

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 I'm not really sure how to interpret funny things happening when BG is too high.


Being high and low have a lot of the same effects, because both starve your body of sugar. When you're low, there is not enough sugar, and when you are high, there is plenty of sugar, but not enough insulin to use it.


I had a friend who hallucinated people fighting inside of him before he was diagnosed. Makes me grateful I went to the doctor when I did.