Hands falling asleep when low?

Does anyone's hands fall asleep when you're low?  I don't get that many symptoms while low.  Sometime mild symptoms, sometimes none.  However, often when I'm low or getting low my hands start to fall asleep or itch (I think).  I say I think, because when discussing this with my endocronologist the last time I was there, he thinks maybe it's not low BS, but carpel tunnel syndrome maybe.  I've looked into that and it makes sense.  I do have 2 risk factors for it, working on a computer and playing drums. And what I'm feeling is in line with the Carpel Tunnel Syndrome symptoms.

But when I am plyaing drums while under 110 or so it happens.  Saturday we were in a 4th of July parade.  I waited too long before to test.  We lined up and I tested and was 76.  I ate a whole power bar before we stepped off.  During the parade my hands were getting kindof numb.  At the end of the parade I was 117.  So, don't know.

I guess my question is, when low do your hands every fall asleep or go numb?

I experience numbness also when I am low. I usually get it in my hands and tounge. That's typically one way for me to recognize a low.

Yeah a lot of times my mouth will start to get that tingling (falling asleep) feeling when I am low, as well as my hands. I don't know why, I dont think in my case at least that its carpel tunnel cause it's not necessarily my hands. I think it just kinda goes with the shaky feeling, just a different variation maybe haha. But you are definitely not the only one.

My hands get numb all the time when my sugar is low. They also start to shake. My legs also feel funny. They feel like I can't hold myself up.

When I am low, my feet are the first thing to fall asleep. Then, the longer it takes me to get juice or glucose tabs, my hands will fall asleep, etc. But yes, my feet do fall asleep when I am low.

Nothing on my body goes numb when I am low but I guess it might be because I am semi-new to the whole diabetes ball game. I guess i should watch for this as time goes on.

I’m pretty much unaware at this point. But at night when I’m in bed, if my hands go numb I know it’s time to get a snack. Doesn’t seem to happen much other times of day.

Mine become numb sometimes. The best thing I have found to counteract this is drinking coconut water. I notice this when my potassium is low. Diabetics tend to run low in potassium and vitamin D. Potassium prescriptions and pills bother my stomach. Plain coconut water has the highest natural source of Potassium I have been able to find and it doesn’t bother my stomach.

Once my Potassium is normal, the numbness with low sugars doesn’t happen anymore. Try this before investigating the Carpel Tunnel Syndrome. Coconut water is cheap. Of course you should have blood work done to check your Potassium levels first. What I have said here is just personal experience.

Hi DDrumminMan, Mine do the same thing, that’s how I know I’m low, I have lost all symptomology related to a low blood sugar, and if I let it go to far then my right hand hurts… I might suggest that if you are going to be active, playing the drums you might want to boost your blood sugar a bit, that is the only thing that stops the itch and pain. My bs is usually around 110 when this happens. You realize that the brain uses sugar as a fuel, that is the only fuel the brain uses and when it needs fuel it will steal it from the blood or glucose covering the nerves usually on the dominant side. More Doctors are recognizing this symptom and some neurologists have written reports on this , raising the BS works for other nerve disorders… I usually drink about 1/2 glass of apple of grape juice because it gets in the blood fast. This works for me and I’ve been a type 1 for 64 years. Hope this helps. Bye jan