Hanky panky

Grrr, had my first real low sugar (34) right in the middle of hanky panky with my gf last night! Luckily she was very understanding. I normally sweat when I have sex, but last night I was just pouring with sweat. Is heavy sweating common with a low sugar? Do any of you guys keep some food by the bed in case of an emergancy? I have to walk down some stairs to get to my kitchen and am afraid of falling down them half dizzy in the middle of the night looking for a snack to get my sugar up. Maybe a can of pop would be a good idea.


I think Glucose tabs or sweettarts would be quicker and more convenient.

Sex typically drops blood sugar.  If you use a pump, disconnect so it won't get in the way and you have the added benefit that it keeps blood sugar from dropping.

You may need to drink juice or a coke before sex or at least keep quick sugar by your bed.  

Sweating is a common low symptom.  When you're low your body releases adrenaline because it's in emergency mode, causing shaking, racing heart, and sweating.  

UHHHHHHH, men only Jenna.  What are you doing here........OK, OK, I'm only joking.  I really appreciate all you add to this community.   Just thought it was funny that a lady posted in the "men only" community.  ;-)

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Yes, it happened to me shortly after being diagnosed May of 2011 and I was diagnosed April of 2011.

At first I didn't know I was having a low but a little after we got done I was cold, sweaty and shaky so I took my blood sugar and I was at about 42. I grabbed the container of glucose tablets but it was empty, so I stumbled down the stairs, knocked over some stuff on the kitchen counter and finally found some glucose tabs and I also ate an apple. Since I was very new to diabetes I didn't know how much to eat so I wasn't feeling any better so I just started eating anything I could find. It took me a few hours to feel better, so I checked my bs before going back to bed and it had jumped up to 220 or something and the whole day I was high until I took the dog on a walk and my blood sugar dropped from 235 to 50 and I was about 4 miles away from home.

This scared my wife so bad that she was afraid she'd kill me if she had sex with me anymore. I assured her it was because the doctor didn't know how much Lantus to take at night, but soon after getting everything figured out she built up the courage to try again. Since then sex has been better than ever. Before things got better I felt so bad for my wife. Diabetes is such a life changer. Can't wait for a cure!!!!!

Jenna!!! you crack me up!! Peeking in the "Men's Room"

"This scared my wife so bad that she was afraid she'd kill me if she had sex with me anymore."

Oh that sucks. Same thing happen to me though. My gf (wife now) felt the same way. I started just absolutely pouring sweat. Like completely soaked. What actually stopped me wasn't the fear of being low, it was actually the low blood sugar that caused me to ... uh... stop performing so to speak. Then I realized something was up.

I was at 30mg/dL (1.67mmol/L). I kept a couple cans of Brisk ice tea in the nightstand now. I find liquid hits me quicker and the tea doesn't have carbonation so I can drink it quicker. It took over 2 weeks with lots of convincing talks to change her mind.

On a side note, she used to ask during "hanky panky" if I was alright. Kinda dampened the mood. Didn't stop me. But I didn't like it. I finally told her its kind of embarrassing and to stop asking. She was still worried. So we compromised - I would check blood sugar right before. This turned into a kind of fun game. Like, "195! We better work out extra long tonight!" or "85! I better get the hot fudge."

I always have sugar by my bed … and if my senor is sensing that I i am going low we atke a short time out! :slight_smile:

Has happened to me a lot. The biggest thing I notice is my normal sense of low sugar doesn’t kick in so I don’t really know I am low before there is a dramatic drop. I am wearing a cgm most of the time now and I try to make sure my sugars are at 200-220 range before hand when possible and normally end up at normal. I also end up suspending or taking off my pump until I have a good read of where I am at.

Ok, so here it is…right before sex, I don’t check myself, but I assess myself. I try and feel whether or not the low blood sugar feeling is there or not. What pisses me off, is minutes into it, that low blood sugar feeling, that automatic alert that you have lived with all the days of T1D, comes and haunts you. This has happened to me on several occasions. Then you find yourself racing your blood sugar cause you just don’t wanna stop. Stopping, well that just messes everything up. And, yes, keeping sugar of some sort beside your bed is probably a good idea. In fact, my choice has always been a root beer. Done it for years and I would change it out everyday, just in case my sugar goes low in the middle of the night, I have at least a lukewarm root beer to drink!!

It seems something different works for different people.
I have a tube of glucose tablets next to the bed, not just for sex sugar drops but for ANY sugar dropping. :slight_smile:

My wife and I have a deal - if my blood sugar’s under 60, SHE goes downstairs to get me a snack. If it’s over 60, I gotta do it myself. Typically I get a sense of low bG when things don’t seem to be building to a climax. “hmmmm, better check my glucose level.” Of course that does typically put an end to things, especially if it’s right before bedtime anyway.