Hannah Montana and diabetes?

Heres the story

If they do ever air that show, I really hope they make sure to distinguish between the type Oliver would have (type 1) and type 2. I think it would help a lot of her fans really understand what T1 is.

Okay, so I was pretty shocked when i heard about this (yes, i know this is like 7 months old) so I looked farther into it.

Heres another article on why the show was yanked.

I, for one, am thankful that they pulled it, it kind of made me angry



WOW! I am also glad they pulled the show and decided not to air it.  I think that educating people is wonderful but it needs to be done correctly

OMG!!!! I just watched and I was soooooooooooooooo mad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

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OMG!!!! I just watched and I was soooooooooooooooo mad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1


I know! (by the way, for anyone else reading this, the full episode is on youtube). Just the fact that they make it seem like diabetes is something we force upon ourselves really upset me. And because they called him "sugar boy". Like the article says, you wouldn't call someone in a wheelchair "wheely" or someone in a cast "cast boy" or anything like that. It's kind of offensive if you ask me.

wow...i just watched it......uggg.it was horrible. if someone called me "sugar girl" or tried to take my candy away i would attack them. a lot.

Disney and diabetes slightly frustrates me. They do all these fundraisers for cancer, AIDS, etc. But I've never seen one for diabetes. Oh, please someone prove me wrong and show me where Disney isn't as bothersome as they seem :)

I was also thinking how big one would expect the type 1 diabetes campaign to be, there being Nick Jonas working for them and everything. OK, I don't care if people listen because of a singer with the same disease as me... just as long as they do listen and it gets us another dollar closer to the cure :)  Don't you think Disney could pull some serious numbers if they tried?

I really do believe they could bring in a TON of money. Disney seems to influence a huge amount of young kids/teens these days. Hmm, what if we all worked together and like wrote Disney or something?

They might bite on the offer because

a) Nick Jonas has Type 1 (haha, I think thats the only reason so many young girls know about our disease)


b) anything to do with Disney and PR seems to make them interested.

Sadly, Savs, Disney is an enormous company that most likely would not listen even if we wrote. LOL I'd laugh if they recieved 6,000 letters complaining

ahaha yes!

They'd be like o.O

WOW!!!! I am like soooooooooo glad they didn't air that. That is really offinsive! I mean that just makes me so angry! UGH!

so watched the episode on utube and it is kinda offensive i was upset they didnt say ne thing about wat type and i would not want ne body taking away my food regaurdless of my disease!!!!!!!!!!!!!

FINALLY, after knowing about this episode for quite a while, I looked it up on YouTube and watched it the other night. Needless to say, I was terribly offensed by it. In a way I didn't appreciate the way diabetes was played off - did they even mention what type he was? Perhaps he's type 2 and that's the explination for "sugar boy?" But overall, I can't imagine how they could have put that together after supposedly "consulting" "experts." Personally, I don't even think it was a nice try but rather a waste of time, effort, film, and ridiculous.

I watched the episode on youtube and it was absolutely ridiculous!! They were saying that oliver wasn't aloud to have any sugar at all!! they were completely wrong on everything!!!

I have not looked it up and I don't think that I want to. That kind of stuff makes me really mad. When they say stff that is false and then others belive it. I also HATE when people don't talk about the diffrents between type 1 and 2. They always say stuff like" being over weight can cause diabetes" no, they are wrong. It causes type two. When I was in 1rst grade someone always made fun of me because they though I had type 2. I was 15 pounds under weight. It makes me sooooo mad!

WOW. is all I can say. This misunderstanding stuff needs to stop and I have never like Hannah Montana before and just knowing they were even thinking about airing this show makes me dislike it eveeennn moreee.

I saw this episode on youtube and i was so upset! Seriously, what diabetic falls off a bench for a candy bar? Plus, had they aired that episode kids all over the country would have gotten the completley wrong idea about diabetes. So thank goodness they never showed it!

I watched it, too and was really offended! Disney apparently talked to a professional about diabetes, so i didn't understand why the episode made NO sense!!!!!!! i am soooo stinkin' glad they didn't air it!!!!!! 

I kinda feel like they are making it cool, to have diabetes, like it's a trend or something. Since Nick Jonas has it people think it's cool if you have it. I kinda feel like they are just doing that on Hannah Montana because it's the cool thing to do. But I do think it will be a good way help people understand diabetes more.

They are going to air it! Omg if it is like the one I saw on utube they are going to be getting some nasty hate letters from SOMEONE. This someone will be very angry if it is like the last one. T1'S can't eat sugar! Pssst! They wish. Try to stop us :) I don't know how they could change it. The whole thing is about him not being able to eat sugar. All I can say is it better be diffrent!